These Jess & Cece Moments From 'New Girl' Will Make You & Your BFF Say "Same"


Best friends forever. Thank goodness for our gal pals — especially the ones who have been there since day one. There's nothing like having someone you can count on for absolutely anything, and a person who's totally your partner in crime. They come along for your wildest ideas, like couple's cruises and tours around your hometown in Oregon, and remind you of all those moments from your awkward phase you've been trying so hard to forget. These Jess and Cece moments from New Girl are oh-so-relatable for you and your BFFs — and will make you want to call up your crew to make some new memories immediately.

Every sitcom has at least one dynamic duo. For Friends it was Chandler and Joey, or Rachel and Monica. And in The Office it was Jim and Pam, or even Dwight and Michael — although that might be a little one-sided. Truth is, we love watching these shows simply for their amazing friendships and all of the adventures that come with being besties. It doesn't quite matter where it takes place, as long as we get a few good laughs and can say "same" at the end of the episode.

Some might say that the best friendship in New Girl is Nick and Schmidt's, or Winston and Ferguson's. Sure, we can totally relate to splitting a bowl of pasta with our pets, or eating dry Ramen in dorm rooms. But, there are some experiences you'll only ever have with your girls — and these six moments have us reliving all our own adventures and appreciating them a little bit more.

When They Had A Girl Fight
New Girl on YouTube

Girl fights are the absolute worst. There's nothing we hate more than when we're not totally on speaking terms with our best friend. They're normally the ones we go to for everything — relationship troubles, outfit advice, and even suggestions on what we should have for dinner. Without them we seriously don't know how we would get by, and unfortunately when we're fighting, we get a scary taste of what it might be like.

If you're anything like me, Jess, or Cece, you've had your passive aggressive moments in your friendships. The little things have piled up over the years, and you just want to work it out at a baby shower so that you can move on. At the end of the day, you probably should just both get the purse or stick to your original pinky promise to avoid all the confrontation and brutal moments with your bestie. You don't know how you'd ever survive a friendship breakup with her.

When Jess Was Cece's Maid Of Honor
New Girl on YouTube

You've been dreaming about your wedding day since you were little, and when you imagined it all you can best believe your best friend was by your side. There's nothing like having your closest gal pal as your maid of honor (twice.) You know that she'll keep you grounded when everything gets stressful, and that she'll go on all of your wedding planning appointments when you just can't be there yourself. You trust her taste, and that she would know exactly what you want — right down to every engagement and bachelorette party detail.

Truth is, without Jess, Cece and Schmidt might have never gotten together. Sure, they had their rough patches, too — but, it everything happened for a reason as always, and Jess was there to play the love doctor role every step of the way.

When They Got Invited To Prince's Party
New Girl on YouTube

We have the best adventures with our best friends. Seriously, the memories and inside jokes are endless — especially when we've known them for basically forever. But, Jess and Cece getting invited to Prince's house for a party might be the definition of "peaking."

After basically getting run over on the side of the street, the two girls get the invitation of a lifetime and a sweet ride in a limousine. The guys are unfortunately not on the guest list, but they find their way in just the same. The more the merrier when it comes to making memories, right? And it's never a bad time to break out "fire and ice."

Our adventures might not be quite as unreal, but they've given us a lot of laughs and solid stories to tell, too. None of them would be the same, though, without our BFFs by our side.

When They Celebrate Cece's Birthday
New Girl on YouTube

Nothing is weirder than the moment two of your worlds collide. I remember the first time I came home from school and my hometown friends started to meet and hear stories about my college friends. It was a moment my mind couldn't quite figure out, especially when they were standing side by side.

Jess going to Cece's model-filled birthday is all of us when we become a part of our best friend's other world. It's hard to believe that they have a life outside of the one they share with us, but they are a part of other social groups, too.

Like the Spice Girls say though, "If you want to be my lover, you got to get with my friends." That's the motto when it comes to relationships, and when it comes to best friend's birthdays just the same. Hopefully they won't make you sing that monkey song — let's be real, that's just so unnecessary.

When They Talk Relationships And Love Lives
New Girl on YouTube

Whenever something huge happens, or we're just in serious need of advice, we run straight to our best friends. We send them thousands of screenshots of text messages that they spend quality time decoding, and tell them every little detail of that kiss we had with our roommate who sleeps across the hall. They give us their two cents, and help us craft the perfect responses — but watch out, they're secretly rooting for a certain special someone in your life, too (I mean, we all were hoping Jess and Nick would get together, so is Cece really off base? Nope!)

They're the first ones we go to when a boy breaks our heart, or we get ghosted by that crush. They make sure we look our best when it comes to first dates, and maybe even try to set us up with someone new. It wouldn't really be a love story without your lady making an appearance.

When They Relive Prom Night
New Girl on YouTube

There are a thousand memories to be made always, but we can't help going down nostalgia road and remembering all of those hilarious times from high school and crazy nights at college just the same. Reliving all of the highlights of your friendship is just part of growing up and growing old with your best friend — and you'll still laugh over the stupidest inside jokes forever and ever.

In this episode, Jess and Cece recap their prom night with all of the loft-mates and tell the stories of how they lost their virginities. Aside from the fact that it's #ThrowbackThursday at its finest, the scene starts with the girls shaving their armpits in the bathroom.

So, I guess there are two moments to appreciate here: the sentimental ones, and the ones where you can be totally weird together. I know you've had both with your BFFs, so it's safe to say that these Jess and Cece moments are totally relatable for you, too.