7 Schmidt & Nick Moments From 'New Girl' All BFFs Can Appreciate


What would we do without our besties? Being 20-something means we've made a lot of memories by now. We've had our adventures, and are a little bit more interesting because we finally have some stories to tell that aren't interrupted by the awkwardness of puberty. Our best friends have been there through it all with us — the road trips, the reckless nights, and the rent bills because now that we're all grown up that's totally a thing. Sure, not every day is as crazy and awesome as loft life, but the best Schmidt and Nick moments from New Girl remind us why we appreciate our besties so much.

Oh, Schmidt and Nick are quite the characters. The friend crew wouldn't quite be the same without their respective qualities. On one hand there's Nick, a bum-turned-successful bar owner with big dreams to write a book about zombies. He's careless when it comes to his own life, but cares about his friends and family more than anyone else in the crew — even if he has a weird way of showing it.

On the other hand, there's Schmidt. He's a successful socialite wannabe with a full dictionary of weird words that you won't want to miss. His personality can sometimes come on a little strong, but there's nobody quite as good at being a loving boyfriend or ridiculous best friend as him. (And wouldn't we all love a loft mate who loves to clean like that?)

Together they're two peas in a pod, and we wish we could be a part of their fun friendship. But in the meantime, let's remember why our own BFFs are truly the best, thanks to these seven Schmidt and Nick moments in New Girl.

When They Became Friends In College

Did we just become best friends? Yup!

Leave it to a pack of dry ramen to bring two people together in college. For Nick and Schmidt, friendship sort of just happened. One day Schmidt was there, and the next they couldn't live without each other and were celebrating 10 years of life as best friends and best roomies. Tinfinity!

The loft wouldn't be quite the same without this dynamic duo, much like we wouldn't be where we are today without the friends we'd made along the way. Our college friends are special to our crew because they've been there through the too many cups of coffee during finals, and the chill Saturdays on the couch watching unlimited episodes of Chopped Junior. They won't judge us when we express our love of chutney, but they might make us put a dollar in the douchebag jar.

When Schmidt Showed Nick A Little Love

We love our besties, but sometimes we forget that there are some boundaries, especially when we're sharing spaces. Schmidt has the perfect unconditional love for Nick. He gives him some extra cash to buy burritos, makes a life plan for him, and is the first to say he spent the day just thinking about how he appreciates his best friend.

For a not-so emotional Nick, this is an absolute nightmare. Winston quickly chimes in, reminding Nick that every night he tells him to sleep well before bed, without ever getting a response. Where do you draw the line?

All besties can appreciate the special sort of love for the friends we have who are more like family. We worry about them and trust them with everything all the same — so, it can sometimes be hard to draw the line between cherishing and being straight-up creepy. Love your tribe hard, but maybe know when to back off a bit, too.

When Nick Played The Role Of Keaton

Sometimes that unconditional love is there even when we don't really know it. It's the little things, right? Like when our besties tell us to text them when we get home safe, or pick us up some coffee before work — thank goodness for our gal pals in times like those. We probably don't say thank you nearly enough.

For Nick and Schmidt, Michael Keaton was the ultimate sign of support. Little did Schmidt know that all those years when he thought he had a secret sidekick in one of Hollywood's biggest stars, his real sidekick was actually sitting right next to him.

Through breakups, big life moves, and everything in between, our personal Batmans are always there for us. You don't need a superhero to save the day, just a squad of super friends.

When They Took A Road Trip

Adventures wouldn't be the same without our best friends. When Nick, Schmidt, and Winston took a manly road trip for Schmidt's bachelor party, it was bound to be reckless from the start. What was originally going to be a trip to Japan or a nice spa day turned into a hot date with the Wild West and some emotional heart-to-hearts.

Life is a rollercoaster, and we love having our besties by our side for the craziest twists and turns. They're the first to agree to our wildest dreams and ideas, and the last to leave at the end of a long night. In particular, road trips are best spent with our best buds, because they always come with a playlist of your favorite old-school tracks or hours worth of stories and laughs worth sharing. You'll truly never be bored.

When Schmidt Wore The Kimono

Our best friends will be the first to call us out when we're looking a little ridiculous. Tere's truly nothing we miss more than our best friends/roomies helping us get ready for a night out when we're on winter or summer break. They just always have sound opinions, and will be straight-up when that new outfit you bought is just not working the way you wanted it to.

Schmidt is always doing or saying something ridiculous — it's part of his personality and the reason why the douchebag jar exists (and is always so full). Driving moccasins, really? So, for Nick, filtering through all the nonsense is a full-time job in this friendship. Put the kimono away, Schmidt — or at least put a dollar in the jar.

When They Became Business Partners

From being co-owners of a bar to being the inventors of the "swuit," Nick and Schmidt could've been swiping deals left and right on an episode of Shark Tank. They say opposites attract, and when it comes to business, this duo was the perfect pair. Nick brought the ideas, and Schmidt brought the brains; they truly had it all.

Our besties always bring out the best in us, which is why we can always appreciate when Nick and Schmidt complement each other almost too perfectly. When and where we struggle, the people in our squad are there to lift us up and be that missing piece in the puzzle.

When He Supported Nick's Relationship

We all want our besties to ourselves a bit, but we appreciate when they take the time to love the other people in our lives, too. Schmidt was always so supportive of Jess and Nick (I mean, then again, weren't we all?). Between helping him plan surprise birthday parties and reminding him just how much he's loved her since day one, he was always in support of this other dynamic duo — even during that whole scenario with The Captain.

Truth is, Nick was there for Schmidt and Cece just the same. He was the best man at their wedding and the secret keeper when things weren't going so well. We love all of the people in our lives, and balancing relationships and friendships can be hard. It makes things better when the best people in our lives are besties, too.