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Breaking Up With A Friend For The First Time Is Rough, Here's How 7 Women Coped


There's a lesson to be learned from every breakup. I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and that the universe knows what it's doing when people come and go from our lives. Breaking up with a friend, especially one you've had for a longtime, is never easy. Sometimes it all ends so messy, and other times, you just know that it hasn't been healthy and take charge of cutting the ties yourself. What we forget to remember is that it's still a loss — and we'll have to go through the emotions and memories just the same. Our besties can be our soulmates and our shoulders to cry on. Leaving that behind isn't easy, and if you're breaking up with a friend for the first time, you might need some advice on how to cope from real women who have been through it all, too.

Take a day to cry. It's a breakup, after all, and processing all of your feels will help you get a fresh start. We all know that relationships aren't always that easy, and you've probably had to handle some pretty sticky situations before finally calling it quits.

Your bestie was irreplaceable — or at least, so it seems. Truth is, this is now the time to love yourself, learn what you want out of a friendship, and build a life with much less drama. Turn your focus back onto you, and know what you deserve, or where you made mistakes. Coping is tough, and you might feel a little lonely, but women like you can help you through it. These nine stories take all different perspectives on friendship breakups, and get real with how to deal.

She learned how to create her own happiness.

— Libby Calder

She focused on other friendships.

— Anonymous

She lost a longtime best friend, but reminded herself that what's meant to be, will be.

— Danielle Chylinski

She accepted that she needed to give her breakup wounds time to heal.

— Anonymous

She was tired of being ditched, so she made the decision to cut the ties.

— Pilar S. Adams

She learned how to stand up for herself after a boy got between her and her friend.

— Anonymous

She focused on the friends she could trust, and didn't hold a grudge.

— Anonymous

Maybe sharing your story and talking about your situation will help you, too. Or maybe you'd rather practice a little self-care and keep your other friends close. Whatever your situation may be, I hope you know that you won't be struggling forever. The universe knows what you truly need out of a friendship, or decided to change your course. Friendship breakups are rough, but you're also so tough. Real women like you are strong, and now it's time to just cope and keep your head up for all the future friendships to come.