Taylor Swift's Fans Are Obsessing Over This Secret Message In One Of Her Music Videos

by Jamie LeeLo

The world is fascinated watching T-Swift reinvent herself again with her latest album, Reputation, and we can't look away from the fierceness she's been giving us. Taylor Swift wiped her history (and literal Instagram) clean, and has slowly been giving new versions of herself one hit at a time. One move Swift is known for is hiding hints and references to her personal life in music videos, and we have yet another one to obsess over. Fans are wondering about the meaning of "This Is Enough" in Taylor Swift's music video now that they've spotted the message scribbled in the background of "... Ready For It?"

If you guys recall, the music video for "... Ready For It?" is an aggressive, urban romp through alleyways and a big ol' warehouse of some kind. Noticeably, everything is covered in graffiti and signage, peaking eagle-eyed fans' interests.

Since the music video was released, the internet has been collecting screenshot after screenshot of some of the markings and messages painted across the scenery, and doing its to best to analyze what it all might mean for Taylor, us, the world in general, etc., etc.

For example, many folks noticed the specific Chinese symbols and assumed, rightfully so, they weren't placed there arbitrarily.

After doing some digging, it looks like a few of the symbols translate to "Ed/Eddy," "Future," and "Reputation." This tipped the public off to a potential collaboration with Ed Sheeran and Future, most likely pointing to a track we anticipate will be titled "End Game."

You can imagine the same kind of speculation broke out when someone noticed the words "This Is Enough" written multiple times throughout the video.

Hm, hm, hm... is it a song off the album perhaps? Maybe just a message to her haters in general? Oh, the think pieces and theories we could spin out of this...

Similarly, fans noticed a few other key phrases that could very likely be song titles as well.

One person picked up on the messages "This is enough," "I loved you in secret," and "All Eyes On Us," all of which have just enough innuendo and mystery to be strong track titles.

If it IS a song, good lord what could "This Is Enough" be about? Maybe Swift's endlessly tiring feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian? Maybe the eternal onslaught of judgment that just comes with being a modern day celebrity? Maybe it's finally, finally, a statement about Trump? (I know, touchy subject.)

Look, we don't know sh*t until Friday, Nov. 10, when the full album drops. Fans are speculating the specifics of how, when, and where Reputation will be released to the public, with fingers crossed it will simply come out on Spotify. So far, Swift's singles have dropped at midnight on the streaming service, giving fans easy access to her latest work.

Still, some streaming execs aren't so sure.

The New York Times reports that four anonymous executives from major streaming services do not expect Reputation to be available on their platforms, but also acknowledge that anything could happen.

For now, all we can do is watch and wait. Swift will be giving a special performance on Thursday, Nov. 9, during ABC's TGIT lineup, and there's roughly a one in... 13? 15? How many songs are usually on an album?... chance it will be "This Is Enough." After that, we recommend staying up and refreshing your Spotify list.

Taylor, you've got our attention.

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