This Photo Of Taylor Swift 'Endorsing' Donald Trump Is Actually Fake

by Robert Anthony

Settle down, everyone... Settle down!

Yes, your eyes are lying to you. Taylor Swift did NOT endorse President-elect Donald Trump.

Oh, you didn't hear? Everyone's up in arms over a Photoshopped image of the 26-year-old singer sporting one of those red "Make America Great Again" hats.

For months, people wondered which candidate would get Taylor Swift's vote on November 8. In addition, people were simply wondering if Swift was going to vote at all.

She hadn't acknowledged the election until Election Day when she posted a photo of herself on Instagram standing in line waiting to vote.

At that point, it was evident that SOMEONE was snagging T. Swift's vote for the next president of the United States -- but WHO? Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

The people wanted to know!

According to Gizmodo, it seems that a pro-Trump website called Lifeeventweb.com really wanted Taylor Swift to be a Trump supporter

The site circulated a highly fabricated "news" story about Swift and the election while claiming that Swift was a Trump supporter herself.

The title of the story was simply, "Taylor Swift SHOCKS Music Industry: 'I Voted For Trump.'"

Along with the story, an edited photo of her wearing one of Donald's signature red campaign hats began circulating around the web, too.

Here's the fake, edited photo of Taylor Swift wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat.

To make matters even worse, the site published fake quotes that were falsely advertised to be the words of Taylor Swift. The quotes read,

We need more and more jobs. Unemployment is way up here. He's hired more employees, more people, than anyone I know in the world.

Excuse me while I chuckle in utter disbelief... At least make the quotes somewhat believable! I mean, really?

Instead, the site actually used the same exact quote to falsely promote actor Denzel Washington as an avid Trump supporter.

To top it all off, the quote actually belongs to Medgar Evers, a well-known American civil rights activist who died back in 1963.

Nice try, trolls, but she never once came out and publicly endorsed either presidential candidate.

The lesson to be learned here is quite simple: Don't believe everything you see on the internet.

Most trolls just have enough time on their hands to sit around and craft fake "evidence" to sway your opinion in some way.

This is why verified accounts on popular social media platforms exist.

If you don't see Taylor Swift supporting a presidential candidate on her OWN Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account, there's a huge chance someone is just contributing a false narrative.

Now, if Taylor Swift DID come out and publicly endorse either Trump or Clinton, that's just something everyone would have to accept and respect... but she didn't.

She just voted and kept it low-key because, as T. Swift ACTUALLY said in the past, everyone "should exercise their right to vote, but I don't think I should be telling people who to vote for."

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