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These 3 Signs Will Face Harsh Truths During The May New Moon


As the new moon radiates throughout the sky, you'll find that this lunar phase is a moment of reflection and release. It's as if the moon has buried itself within the shadow of the night, providing you with fertile soil to plant a new seed. That's why new moons are considered fresh starts or new beginnings; it's a chance to let go of your past and lay the groundwork for the next chapter of your life. Even though every new moon will impact you in a unique way, the May 2020 new moon will be the worst for these zodiac signs — Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces — and it'll encourage them to face some pretty harsh truths. However, they'll each ultimately come away from the experience feeling so much stronger and more prepared for what lies ahead.

Taking place on May 22 at 1:38 p.m. ET, this new moon rises in airy and intellectual Gemini, calling for you to embrace your brainy side and communicate your thoughts. However, the new moon isn't the only thing that will be in Gemini. In fact, three other planets — including the sun, Mercury, and Venus — will be in Gemini as well. Considering how water signs tend to feel as though they're drowning when meeting with the air element in astrology, this new moon will feel especially challenging for Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

However trying this new moon will be, it's also an opportunity to learn more about your relationship patterns and communicate your feelings. With Venus — planet of love and friendship — currently retrograde, this new moon is a beautiful time to address how you truly feel with someone you care deeply about.

Here's what the water signs should know:

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Cancer: You're Acknowledging Some Of Your Deepest Feelings

You might feel like withdrawing from the world and being alone on this new moon, Cancer. Your intuition is on high alert and you're in a deeply spiritual state. Forcing yourself to be social or extroverted will only make this experience more difficult. Instead, you should get to know your innermost thoughts and feelings. Set aside your ego and your desire to win. Acknowledge how beautiful it is to be alive and how vast and resilient your soul truly is. There's no need to push when you don't need to be pushed. Sometimes, the most productive thing you can do is simply be.

Scorpio: You're Beginning A Process Of Intense Transformation

In order for the caterpillar to become a butterfly, that caterpillar had to enter a cocoon and wait patiently in the darkness. This new moon may feel like the moment you enter your cocoon, and even though it's never easy to surrender to the darkness, trust that this sacrifice is the best thing you can do for your personal growth. This new moon is a beautiful time to make a commitment to yourself or to break away from a commitment leading you nowhere. You're ready to take this next step. Trust the universe right now, Scorpio. All your hard work will be worth it.

Pisces: You're Learning How To Understand Your True Needs

If it feels like a waterfall of emotion pouring from you on this new moon, it's no wonder. Your heart is being revealed to you, Pisces, and refusing to acknowledge your needs will only make this an even more painful experience. However, if you're honest with yourself and you give yourself what you need, it'll feel cathartic. Let this new moon inform you of what needs to be done in order to bring you emotional satisfaction. You deserve to feel safe, cozy, and cared for. What are the sharp edges in your life preventing you from being able to relax? How can you soften them?