March 2021 Full Moon

There's A Full Super Worm Moon Tonight — Here's What You Need To Know

If you're a spiritualist, an astrologer, or simply a lover of the sky, you know you can't help but feel totally enchanted at the sight of the full moon. As the full moon radiates its resplendent silver light throughout the dark of night, it's as if you can literally feel its power penetrating your heart. However, did you know there's a legitimate reason for the mystical intensity of a full moon? In fact, astrology is a language that captures the essence of a full moon perfectly. When you hear the astrology behind the March 2021 full moon, you'll be able to decipher and translate the message la luna is trying to send to you. After all, full moons can evoke climactic moments in your life, especially if they activate your birth chart in a major way.

At its core, a full moon is a chance to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the world you live in. When a full moon takes place, the sun and the moon are sitting directly opposite each other. In astrology, the moon rules over your emotions, your subconscious, and the internal part of you. Adversely, the sun rules over your character, your persona, your ego, and the outer part of you. As these two celestial bodies oppose each other, they both challenge and complete each other. What you thought you knew about yourself comes into question. As your inner feelings rise to the surface, you take action in new and exciting ways. As changes are revealed to you on an external level, you absorb the shock of a new understanding of reality.

There is the side of you that you believe to be true and the side of you that is true. During a full moon, secrets are revealed, change is enacted, and something comes to an end. However, it also sets a new beginning in motion.


The Full Moon In Libra Takes Place On March 28 At 2:48 p.m. ET

The upcoming full moon takes place in balanced, beautiful, and harmonious Libra. This cardinal air sign is all about cooperation, fairness, and partnership. As it opposes its sister sign Aries — which is the zodiac sign of individuality, drive, and ego — this full moon will remind you of who you are, giving you a deeper understanding of the type of relationships that you work best in. While Aries is the "I", Libra is the "we", and together, this full moon can give you a clearer understanding of how to work together.

However, just because the full moon takes place in Libra doesn't mean it will be a smooth ride in your relationships. In fact, this full moon will oppose Venus — planet of love and friendship — which may reveal hidden tensions and rising conflicts. Luckily, this full moon is giving you all the power to communicate clearly and establish a loyal and committed partnership. This full moon is involved in a grand air trine with passionate Mars, dedicated Saturn, and the North Node in Gemini tapping into your capacity to care deeply and stick to your promises for the long haul.

This full moon (which also happens to be a super moon) is also known as the Worm Moon. The reason behind this name, according to, is due to the reemergence of earthworms in the natural world during this time of year. Spring has just arrived, and with it, so has an increase in rain showers and sunshine. This, plus the plethora of worms, provides the birds with plenty of sustenance and even more reasons to sing their sweet songs. After all, Libra is the zodiac sign of beauty, and what could be more beautiful than that?