March 2021 Full Moon Horoscope

Your Full Moon Horoscope Is Here & It Will Shine A Light On Your Relationships

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No matter what happens, you can trust that you're always moving through a process of growth, release, and renewal. The 28-day lunar cycle is proof of that. As the moon moves through its various phases, your spirit swells and subsides along with the tides. This is because, in astrology, the moon is the planetary ruler of your subconscious, your emotional nature, and your best-kept secrets. As the moon embraces change, so does your inner world. The next full moon takes place on March 28 at 2:48 p.m. ET, and like all full moons, it contains its own cosmic flavor and brand of power. Your March 2021 full moon horoscope has all the details.

The full moon is the exact moment the moon forms an opposition with the sun. In astrology, the sun rules over your ego, your character, and your outer self while the moon is concerned with everything that lies within. It's a battle between what is known and what is unknown. That's why the full moon often evokes revelations and realizations. The truth makes itself known and how you decide to act on that truth is up to you. Either way, nothing is quite the same after you accept a different understanding of your current situation.

This upcoming full moon takes place in cardinal air sign Libra. This is the zodiac sign of balance, harmony, judgment, and justice. Libra identifies extremes and finds a fair and unbiased perspective somewhere in between. Libra locates wrongdoing and uses its voice to fight for what's right.

However, more than anything, Libra is concerned with how you relate to others. As this full moon opposes the sun in Aries — the zodiac sign of identity, selfhood, and individuality — it highlights the way you exist in your relationships. This full moon may leave you feeling torn between your need to be true to yourself and your desire to connect and cooperate with the people in your life. Let it reveal how strong your relationships truly are and how you can make them stronger.



There's a balance between exerting your independence and sacrificing it for the sake of a relationship. It's time to think about how that balance is being observed in your life and how you can facilitate healthy and healing relationships in your life. By learning how to love others, you're also showing a deeper love to yourself.


It's easy to get lost in a dreamworld whenever you feel like exploring your inner spirit. While your spiritual well-being is always important, so is your well-being on the physical realm. Take time to revitalize your daily routine and rethink the way you abide by your self-care regimens. Treat yourself like a temple, both in body and spirit.


You're a leader, a social maven, and someone who knows how to bring people together. However, in order to set an even more inspiring example for others, you need to embrace your own inner fire. Don't forget to explore your own creative and artistic urges while you spend so much time helping others rediscover theirs.


There's no shortage of career advice to go around in this world. However, this full moon is asking you to focus on your private life instead; the part of you that isn't meant for the public eye. Nurture your home life, spread warmth throughout your family, and tap into your domestic side. That sense of security should never be taken for granted.



Your voice is bursting with something to say. You're learning so much and you're ready to speak on your ideas with all your heart. However, your voice can harm just as much as it can uplift. The words you bring into existence don't just evaporate into thin air. How can you use your voice to nurture your ideal reality into existence?


It's time to stop and smell the roses; to feel the earth beneath your feet. You may feel off-center and aimless, but this full moon is here to remind you that you are steady and protected. It's time to learn the difference between what is in your control and what isn't. Let this knowledge help you focus on infusing your reality with a stronger sense of self.


You're coming to terms with who you are; not who you are when you're with someone or who you are depending on the situation. It's time to set aside the things you identify with and think about who you are underneath it all, at your purest core. Instead of letting something or someone tell you who you are, try to answer that yourself.


If you're constantly keeping yourself busy and distracted, that leaves little time to explore your inner territory. This full moon is about embracing your imagination and engaging in introspective thinking. Look within yourself and unveil what your intuition is trying to tell you. There are jewels buried deep within that you're about to excavate.



You've been embracing your talents and engaging with your creative instincts. However, it's time to share the wealth and connect with your community. There's so much to learn from others and so much to teach them in return. Think of how you can connect with likeminded individuals and come together for a greater cause.


It's time to think seriously about your goals. Success is most likely not going to land on your doorstep, but if you're willing to put in the work, the universe will aid you in your campaign. Set your focus on a goal and shoot your straightest, sharpest arrow. Right now, you're so much closer to success than you may realize.


The way you see and perceive the world is coming into question. It's easy to get hung up on one detail and forgo the whole picture; to miss the forest for the trees. However, it's time to stop concentrating on one detail when there is so much else you're meant to notice. Take a step back and embrace a new understanding of your life.


How deep are you willing to go? How much of yourself are you willing to share? It's time to think about the boundaries you've set for yourself and whether you're ready to go deeper and invest more of your time, energy, and heart into something with the potential for long-term growth. This full moon may reveal what is meant to stay and what's ready to go.

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