The Girl Who Always Looks Comfy Wants You To Know These 7 Things

She's the one who is constantly looking stylish in sweatpants. You're not quite sure how she does it, because if you tried to wear the same oversized sweater, it never seems to look the same. She doesn't do much to her hair in the morning, and she likes to live the chill life. Sometimes, the girl who dress comfy can be so misunderstood, even by the besties who she holds closest in her crew. So, before you come to any more conclusions, let me tell you what she really wants you to know.

She just doesn't understand why people like jeans. There are only a few fits that she'll willingly put on, but joggers are really where it's at. After all, has anyone ever had a bad relationship with a pair of pants that were comfy? Thinking about my closet, in particular — I can't say there's anything like that that I've ever regret.

This girl, if she's anything like me and my comfy self, sticks to her tried and true when it comes to style. She has a solid sense of fashion, but also knows that nowadays the most reliable looks that come off the runway are based in athleisure and the like. It's not that she doesn't care in the morning — she just put everything into perspective, and found pieces that match her low-key personality. Here are seven other things she thinks you should probably know.

She's Not Lazy

This girl has a to-do list just like you. We'd all love to spend every day like it's the weekend and snuggle up on our couch, but even the girl who dresses comfy all of the time knows that there's so much life to live. People like to assume that because she always wears her hair in a messy bun and sticks to her neutral looks, she loves the lazy lifestyle. But, that's just not the case.

She'll get up early sometimes just so she doesn't waste the day, and she will always be down for an adventure. In fact, she probably puts more pressure on herself than you might think. All of that effort is just channeled directly into her following her dreams, and doing something productive. Being 20-something is all about styling your life, and she can accomplish so much more in sweatpants.

She's Always Ready For Adventure

On the other side of being lazy, is being absolutely adventurous. This girl is always dressed for making memories. Whether you want to go hiking, or hit up the beach, her style has her ready to go every second. Being comfy with your fashion sense really does let you put the focus on living life like that. Some of us tend to waste so much time in not knowing what to wear — so, she sticks to neutral and comfy pieces that will work for almost any occasion.

Odds are, this also makes her the one in your friend crew who's never really running late. She can easily go from one event to the next, and has her passport ready at all the times, too. Adventure is always out there, and it wouldn't make sense to stop for an uncomfortable pair of shoes when there are roses to smell up ahead.

She's Not Messy

Being comfortable doesn't mean you're not put together. Sure, you might not always spot her in a pair of jeans, but she accessorizes in a way that makes you wonder how she can be so comfy and cool. She'll have a pile of clothes on her floor by the end of the week from all of the looks she tried on and didn't like for that day, but she'll pick it up and you'll always walk into a clean apartment. Nobody has everything figured out in life, but she definitely has most of her ducks in a row and keeps life feeling fresh.

She's Creative

Where she appears messy, is actually where she's creative. The girl who always looks comfy is a spontaneous soul, and she loves getting into her surroundings. This world is full of amazing things that are worth our time and effort, and her style shows a side of her personality that lives for adventure and being original instead. That's why in the summer you'll see her in rompers, and in the winter she'll be bundled up in blanket scarves. Some pants just don't leave space for wandering the world and finding new perspectives.

She's Not Always Tired

The girl who looks comfy, also can get the reputation of being the one with a cup of coffee in her hand at all times. Truth is, she definitely is dressed like she's ready for a nap. But, she's not always as tired or as stressed out as you might think. Sweatpants don't always mean lack of sleep, and she doesn't want to you to assume that she couldn't wake up to her alarms.

She woke up with enough time in the morning to pick out an outfit just the same, but decided that she'd rather spend her day in a T-shirt and leggings. Sure, she'll probably come to the office with her usual caffeine like the rest, but she's also ready to go and live her best life.

She Works Hard

You don't have to put on a power suit in the morning to be professional. This girl works hard at what she does, and puts in the effort where it counts the most. She'd rather focus on her surroundings than be adjusting those jeans all day. If anything, her fashion helps her work hard by letting her experience everything.

Truth is, her comfortable style makes her feel more confident to get outside of her comfort zone, because she's not worrying about what she's wearing as much. On days when she really needs to be on top of her game, or has a long schedule ahead of her, it wouldn't make sense to sport anything less than what makes her feel like she can take on the world.

She Loves Dressing Up, Too

This girl loves to go out and get all dressed up, too. In her closet, there's all of her comfy T-shirts and oversized sweaters. But, toward the back, is all of her dresses and pairs of heels that love to make an appearance, too. She loves wedding season, because she gets to pull these pieces out and show off a whole different side of her style. Don't be too fooled, though. Even these outfits will have an element of comfort — how else would she be able to dance until dawn?

On an average day, she might even find a way to make leggings look incredibly chic and wear elastic waistbands to work without a hitch. Style is such a personal thing, and she just wants to live her life looking cute and always comfortable.