The Best Type Of Engagement Party For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

You said yes! Your significant other got down on one knee, and pulled out a ring, and now you have a wedding to look forward to. You're probably so excited right now for everything that's to come for your relationship. This is just the beginning for your happily ever after. You'll have to go dress shopping, and ask your besties to be your bridesmaids. Oh yes, there's a lot to do, but the universe has the best engagement party for you already in mind. So don't even stress, and keep smiling because you're basically a bride.

All of your friends and family will be asking to hear how you were proposed to for years to come. And truth is, you really don't mind telling the story because it's oh-so-sweet. Maybe your significant other surprised you while you were hiking, or caught you mid-slice into a piece of pizza. It's all so cheesy (and not just because of the pie), and really romantic comedy-worthy.

You think about your first date and wonder if you always knew this would be a forever sort of thing. In some ways, you might have known, but now the question has been popped. So, find a bottle of champagne and do the same. The best engagement party for you is in the stars, so that you can focus on planning your wedding and the rest of your fairy tale instead.

Aries: A Beautiful Brunch

You're probably a morning person, Aries. Days when you can wake up early and get going on your to-do lists is when you're feeling your best and brightest. You've just always been a go-getter, and knew you just couldn't let the significant other in your life slip away when you first met. Odds are, you're going to be planning a pretty big wedding with all of your friends and family, and wearing a beautiful and bold wedding dress. So, your engagement party will be a bit more low-key, but speak to that side of you that likes to get going.

A brunch filled with waffles, chocolate-covered strawberries, and every slice of French toast in between will be a sweet way to ring in your engagement. If life was breakfast, your bae is like the syrup pulling all the pieces together just right.

Taurus: A Winery Afternoon

Taurus, you love all the finer things in life. And now that you're engaged, you know that you'll be wining and dining a lot on top of saying, "I do." Your significant other got you the most gorgeous engagement ring (of course, with the help of your best friends) with an amazing stone, because he/she knows that you appreciate quality over quantity any day. That's probably why your wedding will also be sort of small, with only the people you two hold closest in your company and the best cuisine.

According to the stars, the engagement party should absolutely match the person, so you'll be checking out a local winery for an afternoon to get a taste of the new fianceé life. Try different bottles, and be sure to bring along some cheese. You'll for sure want to invite your immediate family and best friends to stop and smell the rosé, too.

Gemini: A Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties are all about conversation, Gemini — and that's where you thrive the most. You likely met your significant other during some sort of social gathering or even a party with your mutual people. You made eye contact and decided to strike up a conversation — and well, the rest is history. You've landed a good one, and can't wait for your wedding day.

In the meantime, you'll want to celebrate your engagement with flirty dresses and fruity drinks. This kind of party is meant to be more casual and fun, and you'll probably find a way to be dancing until dawn for sure.

Cancer: An Art Gallery Evening

Relationships are really kind of an art, Cancer. And if you're getting engaged, then you've truly mastered finding your match. It wasn't easy, and I'm sure there were bumps along the road just like anyone else would experience with their bae. But, you learned to open up and were able to share your most candid self with somebody who really cares about you. How cool is that?

An evening at an art gallery won't quite be the cliché engagement party that's just about popping champagne and eating gourmet food. Sure, you'll have your snacks just the same, but you'll also be surrounded by work from famous painters that make this whole night so much more magical. Your friends and family will like this unique choice in venue, and being able to see the space after hours. Cheers, to your engagement and a one-of-a-kind experience, too.

Leo: A Beach Barbecue

You're a summer baby who's now a bride-to-be, Leo! You've been daydreaming about this moment since you were little, and imagined your wedding would be in the middle of June when the days are long and lovely. When you and your significant other started dating, sparks flew instantly, and he/she fell in love with your radiant personality. Truth is, who you are naturally as a person is what attracts everyone in your life to you, because they love your effortless spirit.

A barbecue will be the best kind of engagement party for you because it's fun and social just the same. Treat your guests to burgers on the beach and too many rounds of cornhole, and end with a bonfire and a whole lot of s'mores. It's bound to be a sweet time.

Virgo: A Sporting Event

You love getting outside, Virgo. As an Earth sign with a lot of passion for hard work, you rarely give yourself time to play the game of life. But, you somehow were able to squeeze dating into your busy schedule and found "the one" while you were at it. At one point or another, your significant other has probably noticed how you're an amazing listener, and you always remember the little things. It's made you great at giving gifts — like truly Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation levels — and you've been quite the competition to other couples.

Doing something a little sporty will be a good way to get your head in the game and celebrate your engagement, too. Maybe you'll rent out a suite or just get there a little early and be a part of batting practice. No matter what season it is, there's always some kind of sport to watch, and you two are the best team around.

Libra: A Walk Down Memory Lane

Libra, you love the idea of getting married the most. Out of all the star signs, you appreciate what partnership is all about and are feeling so at peace now that there's a ring on your finger. Life can get a little wild, but facing all of its up and downs with only the best and most understanding sidekick by your side makes it a lot better. You can't wait to everything to come, and love looking back at where it all began.

For your engagement party, you and your significant other should take your friends and family on a walk down memory lane. Bring them to your first date spot, and where the question was popped, and let them be part of every moment of your love story. You'll love reliving those special moments in your life, while knowing that there are still so many more to come.

Scorpio: A Movie Night

You love a good love story, Scorpio. You and your significant other have been writing your own since the day you met. You might be able to call yourself a sort of hopeless romantic, but you just blame all of the movies and books that have set your standards oh-so-high.

For your engagement party, you'll want to put all of your people into the same mindset, and cue up all of those classics that have the crowd saying, "Awe!" The stars are talking about films like The Holiday, The Notebook, or even Friends With Benefits. Whatever you and your friends can think of that will set the romantic mood and make for the best movie night. Happily ever afters only, OK?

Sagittarius: A Taco Bar

Let's taco 'bout your engagement party, Sagittarius. You're a Fire sign, and live your life with an immense amount of energy and passion for what this world has to offer. You may have never really imagined settling down, or at least thought you might wait until you had some more travels behind you. But, your significant other is your best friend and constantly challenging you to either get grounded, or think even more out-of-the-box.

Your wedding is probably going to be abroad, or in some tropical destination where people have to get their passports stamped before sticking their feet in the sand. An engagement party that has just as much life like a fun fiesta will be the perfect fit. Have a taco bar where your guests can choose all their own toppings, and make tequila sunrises on the side. Next stop? Wherever you decide to have your wedding!

Capricorn: A Dessert Party

You're oh-so-sweet on your significant other, Capricorn — and it's time that other people get a taste of just how amazing your relationship and happily ever after is going to be. You've been thinking about your wedding for awhile now, mostly because you love the whole concept of it all. In college, you and your roommates probably sat on the couch watching endless reruns of Say Yes to the Dress. And thanks to that, you know exactly what you're looking for when you go wedding dress shopping yourself.

A dessert party won't be too flashy for your engagement party, but it'll still celebrate all the traditions that you love of weddings and the like. Maybe you'll bake some cookies yourself, or pick up the most unique cupcakes from that bakery down the street. All of the chocolate and champagne you can find will be the best for your friends and family.

Aquarius: A Romantic Rooftop Party

When it comes to your wedding, Aquarius, you'll find the perfect words for your vows and look oh-so-lovely in the process. And your engagement party will have that same kind of easy romance brought to you by a rooftop party.

Maybe you rent out a spot on top of a skyscraper in the city, or find a cute venue closer to the mountains than the metro. Wherever it may be, it's bound to be something straight out of your fairy tales. Pop a bottle of champagne, and put up those sparkly lights around the tables. This is the start of your happily ever after.

Pisces: A Backyard Bash

A backyard bash will be the perfect engagement party for you, Pisces. The stars know that you like to stick to places close to home, and are probably the most casual bride-to-be. Your future maid-of-honor and the rest of your bridesmaids have been looking into chill bachelorette party ideas, like days at the spa and sleepovers. So, something just as low-key this time around will be the way to go.

When you and your significant other met, you weren't sure how you felt about relationships. You're pretty comfortable in your solitude, and still love your alone time. But, relaxing is much better when you're hanging around with someone else, and he/she is your favorite napping buddy.

At your backyard bash, you'll want to fire up the grill, and break out the games like badminton and the like. It's going to be a good time, and the stars knew exactly what engagement party would be perfect for you.