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The Second Helping Is The Thanksgiving Sex Move That Keeps On Coming

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If you've got a big appetite, you may already know the joy of a second helping. Whether you go for two slices of pie as it's being served or wait a minute to go back and get some more, sometimes the best things just keep on coming. And if you're looking for Thanksgiving 2019's hottest sex move, get ready to have your mind blown — twice.

Listen, after a long day of eating too much food, pretending to watch "the game," and introducing your partner to everyone in your family, you may not be in the mood for a full-on workout. The Second Helping is a low-intensity position that calls for minimal movement and maximum pleasure. (Read: It's an easy way to get frisky after eating your weight in mashed potatoes.) Whether you excuse yourself from the table to serve some dessert of your own or if you wait until you get home to show your gratitude to each other in your own way, the second helping will let you connect with your boo after a long Thanksgiving Day.

And if you're all turkey-ed out and still ready to rumble, the second helping maybe the best part of Thanksgiving 2019.

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What is the Second Helping?

The receiving partner lies down on the bed, facing up with their knees bent and spread apart, and their feet on the bed. The penetrating partner, on their knees or sitting on a pillow between their partner's legs, begins to orally stimulate the receiving partner until they climax or generally feel fully satisfied. After directly communicating that you're reading for some more (either with words or a pre-discussed physical signal), the penetrating partner will enter or stimulate the receiving partner in the classic missionary position, with a penis, fingers, or sex toy. After the receiving partner has climaxed or feels satisfied, have the penetrating partner return to their knees or seat, and orally stimulate the receiving partner, providing a second helping.

Why does it feel so good?

Listen, the holidays are stressful. Whether your parents just met your partner or you burned your stuffing, it's not always easy to stay calm in the midst of getting a big group together for an event. Cue: The Big O. Orgasms don't just feel good — they've been shown to help with stress relief and reducing chronic pain. When you climax, you release oxytocin and endorphins, which are help you stay healthy and happy. And even if you don't climax (which, BTW, is totally normal and healthy, too), just being sexually aroused had been linked to cortisol (the stress hormone) decreasing. Starting and finishing with oral stimulation, the second helping gets your body ready for deeper and more intense penetration and totally focuses on your pleasure and comfort.

When is the best time to do it?

Because so much of this position is done lying down and sitting, it's a great way to connect when you're both super tired or full (read: after Thanksgiving dinner). Using a vibrator or toy as you go down on someone can really push your oral into overdrive. If you're feeling up to it, take turns switching off who's giving and who's receiving. You can even incorporate some butt play!

Of course, no matter the holiday, the hottest sex involves talking about consent and intentions — before, during, and after. Whether you go for two helpings or two million, being on the same page as your partner is something everybody can be thankful for.

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