"The Turkey Trot" Is The 1 Sex Move You Need To Try After Thanksgiving Dinner

OK, so I know that Thanksgiving is usually all about family and food. But you still have needs, you know? And sometimes a fun holiday can put you in the mood for a... different kind of stuffing. If you know what I mean. Since the big drawback to trying any sex position after Thanksgiving dinner is being really full, the Turkey Trot is a position you might enjoy, like, a lot.

If you want sex after a big meal to be enjoyable, you're not without options! Picking a position that puts the least amount of pressure on your stomach as possible is the best way to go. If you hadn't previously considered Thanksgiving sex, the time is now, my friends. Sneaking away with your partner after dinner to spend time together can be pretty hot. Keep in mind that you're not limited to hooking up in a bedroom this year because your parents' house might just have a few more options. And, by the way, if you're not sure about how loud the two of you will be, the noise of the football game on TV should be enough to block out any other sounds.

When it comes down to it, there's definitely something kinda romantic about the holidays. Sometimes you make eye contact with your partner across a crowded room, and you both just know that you want to be alone. So, turkey trot to a spot with someone privacy and, as they say on Thanksgiving, gobble gobble!

How To Do The Turkey Trot

So the prerogative for this position comes down to two things: very little pressure on anyone's stomachs and... a resemblance to a certain holiday icon. I'll let you guess what it is. There are a couple ways to do the position, so don't hesitate to mix things up. For starters, the receiving partner should get on their knees either on a bed, the floor, or they could bend over a hard surface like a desk.

Next, the penetrative partner stands or kneels behind them and enters them from the back. This can be with their fingers, a strap-on, their penis, or any kind of sex toy. It's really all up to you and your partner. To complete this Turkey Trot, the receiving partner can put their hands behind their back for the penetrative partner to hold while they thrust. You'll find that this is a great position for really blowing off some pent-up energy.

When to do it

The great thing about the Turkey Trot is that, since it doesn't put a ton of pressure on either of your stomachs, you can do it pretty much any time this Thanksgiving. The best time would probably be that down time after the big meal. This is because people usually post up on the couch for a nap, football game, or a movie, thus giving you and your partner a chance to sneak off for, uh, an adult nap.

Where to do it

Anywhere with total privacy works for this position. Another great thing about this sex move is that it doesn't really require a bed. Both of you could even stand if the receiving partner has something to bend over. This means that if your house is hella crowded with holiday guests, there are plenty of alternative spaces to get... stuffed.

All in all, I hope that the Turkey Trot serves you well this Thanksgiving. And, thankfully, no turkeys were harmed in the making of this position. Although I can't say the same for your Thanksgiving dinner.