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Taylor Swift's "End Game" Lyrics Are Here And They're Epic


It's Taylor Swift's world and we're all just watching it from afar on social media. If you've been paying even half attention, you know that her album Reputation has been coming in hot and dropped on Nov. 10. Leading up to this day, fans have had major speculation about what kind of tracks would accompany "Look What You Made Me Do," "... Ready For It?," and "Gorgeous" and holy sh*t were we not disappointed. Now, Taylor Swift's "End Game" lyrics are finally here and they're definitely all about a guy.

It starts:

And then:

Leading up to the song's release, fans were losing their minds speculating that Taylor Swift collaborated with Ed Sheeran on the track. This is due to a few things. For one thing, it wouldn't be the first time.

Sheeran collaborated on the song "Everything Has Changed" off the 2013 album Red, and it was a fan favorite. Plus, the two have been friends for a long time, and when Sheeran was directly asked about Swift's album on the radio show Capital Breakfast, he said,

Funny you should mention visuals, Ed!

Some eagle-eyed fans noticed that in Swift's video for "... Ready For It?" there were Chinese symbols that looked like they said "Ed," "Future," and "Reputation," all of which pointed toward a major collaboration with these three artists. Not to mention, someone else called out the symbols for "year of the snake" which we all know is Tay-Tay's new persona.

One Reddit user put it,

You sneaky Taylor.

In general, the PR leading up to this album release has been nothing short of a masterpiece. It all started when Swift systematically deleted all of the photos on her Instagram account and replaced them with slithering snake graphics to get us pumped for "LWYMD."

Since then, it's been a slow burn of various Reputation imagery, behind-the-scenes pictures, and weird AT&T promos thanks to their massive collaboration and launch of Taylor Swift NOW.

In fact, as part of the album hype, Swift released a BTS video on her writing process for the song "Gorgeous" and also had a special performance on Nov. 9 during ABC's TGIT lineup and fans went crazy.

This was all on top of those special secret sessions Swift hosted in which she invited some truly #blessed fans over to get a sneak peak of her new album.

Now that Reputation is here, we can all FINALLY get a good night's sleep knowing we aren't missing anymore exclusive details, sneak peaks, or Ed Sheeran collaborations.


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