Taylor Swift's acoustic "Cornelia Street" performance for 'City Of Lover' was so beautiful.

Yes, I'm Ugly Crying Over Taylor's Acoustic Version Of "Cornelia Street"

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With Taylor Swift's Lover Fest postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the star looked for another way to bring the concert experience to her millions of fans around the world. Her solution: the Taylor Swift City of Lover Concert special, which aired on ABC on Sunday, May 17. Taylor Swift's acoustic "Cornelia Street" performance for City of Lover had fans emotional because it was that beautiful.

The concert was filmed in Paris at L’Olympia Theater in September 2019, shortly after Swift dropped her seventh studio album Lover in August. During the show, Swift performed all her Lover singles, like "You Need To Calm Down," "ME!," and "Archer," as well as b-side tracks like "Death By a Thousand Cuts," "Daylight," and — you guessed it — "Cornelia Street."

The song is a fan-favorite track because it's rumored to be about Swift's longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn. Since Cornelia Street is a real place in New York, fans believe the singer is referencing the street she once lived on with Alwyn.

In between her performances, Swift actually told fans a behind-the-scenes story about how the track came to be. "I use songs almost like photographs, so I can go back to a time, to a memory, so I can experience it," Swift began. "I think I actually wrote this song when I was in the bathtub."

For her performance of "Cornelia Street," she pulled out her acoustic guitar. "I was thinking about how I'd really like to play some of these songs for the very first time and I was thinking maybe the best way to do it would be to play them acoustic, the way that I wrote them," she explained.

Watch Swift's "Cornelia Street" performance below.

To go along with the special, Swift released audio versions of her City of Lover performances on YouTube and Spotify.

The City of Lover Concert special is now available on Hulu and Disney +.

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