Tan France's gift for Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik's baby is so sweet.

Tan France Put Gigi & Zayn’s Couple Name On Cute Onesies For Their Newborn Daughter

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Fans know that Queer Eye star Tan France and Gigi Hadid have a tight friendship, so of course he got the new mom a perfect gift for her baby girl. Hadid has received a few sweet baby gifts from celeb friends like Taylor Swift, and recently, she shared another cute present from France. Tan France's gift for Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik just ~might~ be as adorable as the handmade silk blanket Auntie Swift sent.

On her Instagram Stories on Thursday, Oct. 15, Hadid posted a sweet photo of two adorable onesies. In true celeb fashion, France had the two pieces labeled "Zigi's Girl," a nod to her parents' couple name. "OMG @tanfrance love so much," wrote Hadid. France's gift follows gifts from Swift and Donatella Versace, who sent a pink silk blanket and stylish Versace outfit, respectively. Fans have noted that the blanket might have her name embroidered on it since Swift sent a blanket to Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's baby. Hadid and Malik have yet to reveal their baby girl's name, although they have shown a few glimpses of her on social media.

Hadid's relationship with France and the rest of the Queer Eye cast goes back a while. Fans first noticed that Hadid was hanging out with them in April 2018. France and Hadid both celebrated each other's birthdays together, and before they were BFFs, Hadid told France over Facetime jokingly that she'd marry him. They've been tight-knit ever since.

Hadid and Malik welcomed their baby into the world over the weekend of Sept. 18. Both the celebs made a similar Instagram announcement on Sept. 23. It took the parents a bit until they had time for some alone time, but on Oct. 8, Hadid shared her first date night with Malik after their baby's birth. Her IG Stories showcased some pictures and videos of the at-home date, like snapshots of her homemade browned sage butter chicken piccata with mushroom pasta. Near the end of the thread, Hadid wrote, "Mom & dad's first date night." She also revealed that the baby was "in the other room [with] Oma" and added that she already missed her.

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As the stars are reportedly staying with Hadid's parents at the family's farm in Pennsylvania, per E! News, it looks like they're enjoying the peace and quiet. A source told the publication on Oct. 3 that they felt "peaceful staying there for now." The source continued, "Gigi wants the most privacy for their baby and wants to be able to raise her privately."

It appears the new parents are remaining tight-lipped on the name, but at least they're sharing all the adorable baby gifts.