OMG, Taylor Sent Katy The CUTEST Handmade Gift For Her New Baby

Lester Cohen/AMA2011/WireImage/Getty Images

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have been through a lot together over the years — both good and bad. They once made headlines over their famous feud, but, more recently, the pals have gotten attention for how sweet their rekindled friendship is after calling a truce in 2019. That's why when fans got a look at Taylor Swift's handmade gift for Katy Perry's baby, Daisy Bloom, the social media world melted over the priceless gesture.

Tensions arose between Perry and Swift in September 2014 when Swift claimed in an interview with Rolling Stone that Perry went behind her back and hired some of her dancers in an attempt to deliberately destroy her tour. From there, it was basically a she-said, she-said of shade-throwing for years until May 2018 when Perry extended a real olive branch to Swift.

The women began to quietly get back on good terms, texting each other and setting up girl's nights before taking things public in July 2019 when Perry appeared in Swift's "You Need to Calm Down" music video. Peace at last, for sure.

Luckily, their makeup wasn't just for show. The two have proven time and again that their friendship is the real deal, and nothing says "I love you" more than a handmade gift. On Sunday, Sept. 13, Perry, who gave birth to her daughter, Daisy Dove, in late August, eagerly showed off a photo of a blanket Swift made for her newborn and it was the purest post.

"Miss 🌼🕊 adores her hand embroidered blankie from miss @taylorswift," Perry captioned the IG pic. "Hope it’s one she drags around for years till it becomes an unrecognizable shred that she keeps in her pocket as a teenager."

Not only did Swift make the pink, silk blanket, but the gift also included a handwritten note to new parents Perry and Orlando Bloom, proving Swift is the real deal when it comes to personalized gift giving.