12 Tweets About Sex With Your Ex That Will Hit Close To Home

Should you throw your ex into a lake? Should you have sex with your ex? Post-breakups are hard. With so many emotional changes, it's difficult to clearly navigate the healing process. Although I'm glad I did not have access to Twitter in my angsty tween years, (cringe-worthy rants and drawings of Kurt Cobain are peacefully resting in paper diaries in my parents' basement) I am happy to now live in a time where social media can create the perfect place to vent, rant, and of course, dish about our exes.

That being said, while the internet can create the perfect place for other people to discuss how they handle their post breakup blues, I prefer to read tweets that resonate with me, and share them with my friends. What can I say, post-breakup I'm usually weepy-eyed and contemplating becoming a nun. But I do often consider what it would be like to have sex with an ex — and now I know that I'm not the only one.

After a long stretch of bad dates, or a long stretch of no dates (it me), the desire to reach out to someone who knows you well due to a shared history can be very strong. Here are 12 tweets about sex with an ex that are guaranteed to hit close to home.

'Tis the season.
ethnichippie on Twitter

All I can say is goodbye Libra season.

Yes, Riri!
camiskillin on Twitter

If I were to tag myself, I would be both Riri and the half-eaten chicken nugget.

The future is free of gender.
shitnikkisays22 on Twitter

I'm just hoping these two are communicating well here.

Live and make love.
_makgoro on Twitter

This one really got me.

Let's get physical.
laurastead on Twitter

Honestly you deserve it.

Players only love you when they playin'.
iammaritait on Twitter

It's totally okay to be seeing multiple people at once, but it's good to your intentions, (especially to the new people you're seeing.)

You can have it all.
shaniseeeeeeee on Twitter

You go!

Only Love My Bed And My Mama
alexissfolabi on Twitter

I haven't had sex to Drake, but I have watched a Tinder date sing all the words to "Marvin's Room," then cry.

Spelling Bee Champ
zoeyrenee__ on Twitter

Honestly, it's just grammar.

Goal Setting
ccnorth519 on Twitter

Hmmm, you must be talking about men playing soccer, because the US women's team is amazing. Abby Wambach, I love you.

Just Looking for Answers
girlienessa on Twitter

What is the truth?

yomi_luiz on Twitter

Thursday is too good of a night to waste on an ex. I would suggest a Tuesday, but I understand that's not the joke.

You don't need to feel embarrassed or ashamed about having sex with an ex. Craving familiar intimacy is perfectly normal, and understandable. social media can be an incredibly empowering tool to connect with people going through similar experiences. Communicating clearly about intent and consent are crucial in every sexual encounter — even with your ex. So take some time to think about what you want, between the sheets and in the streets. Go with your intuition, discuss it with your ex, and make whatever choice feels right for you.