16 Tweets About Fighting With Your Significant Other That Are So Scarily Accurate

If you're going through a rough patch with your significant other, you may want to vent about it on the internet. It's only natural to want to let off some steam, especially if your friends are sick of your back-and-forth texts, calls, and FaceTimes of "My partner is the best" and two hours later "OK they're literally the worst." To cope with your need to vent, you can check out some tweets about fighting with your significant other, because you truly aren't the only one wanting to scream into the void.

I rounded up some tweets people posted complaining about their fights with their boyfriends, girlfriends, partners, and even ex-partners. From peoples' annoyance over their partner's cuteness, to very legitimate issues like dealing with your partner's family's homophobia while in a queer relationship, people just gotta complain about it online. No judgment, I definitely have done the same in the past when in a relationship. It feels good to complain about the annoying things in life, even if it doesn't necessarily solve anything. But you can deal with solving issues and communication later and just vent away from now. Or at least, read other people venting and feel satisfied in that, too.

When you just look into their eyes and it makes it better.
shaylastarrr on Twitter

Is this not the most unbelievably cutest thing you've ever read? I cannot deal.

Not today, Satan.
hannahnurmi on Twitter

If you didn't want me then, can't have me now. #DealWithIt.

Gotta glam it up.
mncrodriguez on Twitter

You know you need to look your best when you're about to break some hearts. Show them what they're about to miss forever, you know?

This is really encouraging.
jowisler on Twitter

Wow, sign me up for marriage right away. I love committing to a lifelong partnership filled with annoyance.

LOL, cringe.
briangaar on Twitter

"Sorry I'm iconic," may or may not be my way to apologize in a relationship. Maybe I should rethink that.

We *don't* stan an indecisive partner.

Just tell me what restaurant to go to and I will go. For goodness sakes.

OK this is pure though.
xtdawg2011x on Twitter

... Can kind of relate. Single life means no partner to complain about.

Sometimes you need to scream it.
kaleisha_s on Twitter

No judgment here. I feel ya, girl.

I support you, Maggie.
tardistagalong on Twitter

Not here for homophobic family members. At all. I totally get how that can be endlessly aggravating.

Sometimes it even manifests physically.
glesseverino on Twitter

Advil can't fix an annoying boyfriend.

Ugh this is so cute.
desnicolexoxo on Twitter

That's nice. Love me some annoying blessings.

Drunk and clingy partners be like
x0isabelari on Twitter

I get how that could be annoying.

When sports low-key tear you apart.
whxtsn0rmal_ on Twitter

Wow what's that like? Liking sports so much that you get in fights over it?

Just kidding, I hold a grudge against Cleveland forever for taking LeBron James away from me. (When I say me, I mean the Miami Heat.)

When they're so attractive it should be illegal.
kennziesullivan on Twitter

It's just like, completely unfair.

When you know you need more people in your corner.
awtuhmnal on Twitter

You have to have your other people, too! Being with one person all the time can easily get you irritated with them, so it's smart to have other people you can go to.

I need to find one like this.
_graceallen on Twitter

Tell me I'm pretty and give me money. 😊

(Jokes, I just want love.)

So after you scroll through these relatable tweets, vent a little about your own relationship or single life stories to your own Internet followers or IRL friends who are there to listen.

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