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Shanna’s Zodiac Sign Explains So Much About Her Reaction To Travis & Kourtney

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Who hasn't said something shady about an ex? Most people will probably vent to friends or send a subtweet only their inner circle will understand. But if your ex happens to be dating a Kardashian, a little shade can make headlines. Enter Shanna Moakler, who hasn't been afraid to get salty on social about her ex Travis Barker’s new relationship with Kourtney Kardashian. When you factor in Shanna Moakler's zodiac sign, it makes sense she'd struggle to keep her opinion about her ex moving on to herself.

ICYMI: Moakler's shade toward Barker and Kardashian started in February 2021 when she liked an Instagram comment on one of her posts that said Barker "downgraded big time" in dating Kardashian. (In response, Moakler told Us Weekly she "hearts everything" and "didn't even read that comment.") A few days later she told a reporter outside of Los Angeles International Airport that she's "happy for both of them, honestly. He can handle that Kardashian drama." She's also liked and responded to Instagram comments about the relationship and the Kardashians in the months since Barker and Kardashian went public.

Moakler's zodiac sign, Aries, is ruled by Mars, the planet associated with strength and aggression. They tend to be bold and fearless — unafraid of pursuing whatever their heart desires. This, combined with natural optimism, tends to get them what they want. But Aries can also be a bit impulsive, often doing and saying things without fully thinking them through. Like, for instance, liking shady Instagram comments alluding to an ex's new relationship. Oops.

And while Moakler may not be malicious or premeditated in her reactions to her ex’s new romance, they make sense when you consider her zodiac sign. Here's what the stars have to say about Aries' hot-headed nature.

Aries is extremely competitive.

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While they aren't the type to hold onto grudges with old lovers (if anything, they can sometimes move on too quickly), there's a part of Aries that can get a bit competitive when their exes move on. They might not even want them back! But they can feel competitive about someone else moving in on their former "territory".

Aries can have a hot temper.

All the fire signs have intense emotions, which can be amazing if they're channeling that energy into loving hard or fearlessly pursuing their passions. But when it comes to keeping their temper in check, Aries struggles, since they're the fire sign that has the hardest time controlling their anger. While Aries might not stay angry for long, they can be reactive, and when they get annoyed or frustrated, they aren't great at hiding that politely. They're going to let you know.

Aries is impulsive and says what's on their mind.

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Aries is very honest. They rarely lie because they just don't see the point in not being upfront. And while honesty is a great quality that can help build trust in a relationship, it can also make relationships with exes a bit tense if you're not on good terms. Aries can be extremely impulsive, and they're going to say what they feel no matter what.

While Moakler may very well have meant it when she said she's happy for Barker and Kardashian, Aries is also prone to reacting strongly — especially to seeing an ex move on so publicly. This makes sense when factoring in her shade in the press and on social media. And although she told Us Weekly in February 2021 that she would have "no problems meeting her and being cordial," she also said she doesn't see them "going to the spa anytime soon." Checks out!