These Colorful Rose Boxes Are The Most Insta-Worthy Trend & I Want Them All

Trends, like flowers, come and go every season. A blush pink sweater may totally be in style one month, taking the entire fashion industry by storm. You see it on the runways, just slightly altered and different from one designer to the next, and then on the racks in your favorite stores. But, by the time summer rolls around, it's gone. It's replaced by the next best thing: A coral dress that'll find its rightful spot in your closet, too. Some trends, however, last for years or even lifetimes — polaroids, record players, and leather jackets, to name a few. Rose Box NYC is right up there and the most Insta-worthy trend on the market right now.

Think about the last time you had fresh flowers in your apartment. You bought a bouquet, sprinkled with baby's breath, or a bunch of sunflowers to put in your room. Instantly, your space and your life felt so much brighter. You loved waking up to the smell of orchids, or seeing sprigs of green and various succulents sitting near your windows. And you took a couple of pictures of the bright reds, yellows, and purples, before they faded away.

Eventually, these flowers had to be replaced, because you forgot to water them (Guilty.) or they just naturally wilted over time. You haven't filled your vase up with flowers since, knowing that they'll reach a time when they're no longer "fresh," too. I think you should reconsider, though. I think it's about time that you brought back that beauty and familiar aroma — that you stopped and smelled the roses. Grabbing a colorful box of roses from Rose Box NYC will be the most Insta-worthy and trendy place to start.

What's the scoop on Rose Box NYC?

Rose Box NYC

So, what's with all the buzz around Rose Box NYC? Well, it's because this company's flower boxes are totally unique and Insta-worthy. They're gorgeous, vibrant, long-lasting, and everything you've been looking for from fresh flowers, but never seem to get.

Unlike any other floral arrangement on the market, Rose Box NYC's roses are made to last an entire year. (So, if you buy them for your best friend for Galentine's Day this year, they'll last until around Feb. 13, 2020.) The roses get their stunning colors from being dipped in natural plant dyes and a nontoxic mixture for 24 hours. Then, they're dried and prepared for purchase.

The only thing you need to do is pick out the details of your arrangement, hit the "purchase" button, and then keep them away from extreme heat or humidity to increase their lifespan. If you choose to gift them, then pass that information along to whoever's on the receiving end of something so trendy and picture-perfect!

What kind of occasions are these colorful boxes of flowers perfect for?

Rose Box NYC

One of these rose boxes would be the best gift in so many different occasions. You could give them to your bestie at your next Galentine's Day brunch, or the influencer in your group who's looking to create some fresh #content for the 'Gram. You could also put together a thoughtful arrangement for your significant other for Valentine's Day, to remind them of how much you care about them 365 days out of the year.

Bridal showers, baby showers, and bachelorette parties will also be so much brighter with one of these bouquets in attendance. They'll bring out the color palette in the finger sandwiches or other decor, and be great in the background of your pictures. You know — the photos that will end up in albums, and like these flowers, be around for months and months to come.

Last but not least, you can get one of these rose boxes for yourself. Giving yourself a gift that will last and continuously bring joy into your life is always a good idea, especially when you're trying to make your life sparkle in this new year.

Are you convinced? Then simply head to the Rose Box NYC website, and follow the steps for creating your arrangement. First, choose from the eight different sizes ranging from a Single Rose Box that's $25, to a Jumbo Rose Box that has 150 roses and costs $1,199. Next, pick between the 16 different colors of roses and the six different types of boxes you can put your roses in. Finish off your fresh flowers with a sweet, personalized message so that this gift means even more.

What kind of Insta-worthy pictures can you take with your Rose Box NYC roses?

Rose Box NYC

Possibly the best part about these colorful flower boxes from Rose Box NYC is that they don't even require a filter. They're Insta-worthy just the way they are, bringing pops of color and beauty directly to your feed.

If you're gifting these flowers to a friend, considering snapping a few pictures with her and the box to celebrate the occasion. Hold them up in the air, while wearing pajamas and fuzzy socks in bed, or put them next to your plate of waffles in the true spirit of Galentine's Day. You could also pose for a mirror selfie, and have these roses in your hand.

If you're looking for some other inspo for the 'Gram, then consider these creative and oh-so trendy concepts: Taking an aerial shot of the roses and the cutest details of your outfit, or making them a decorative detail in a picture of your apartment or home.

The opportunities are endless, and you have at least a year to get the picture that you want. Now that's definitely worth knowing about — like, right now.