If You're Bored & Want 2019 To Sparkle, Consider Making These 9 Changes

Right now, you're sitting on your couch, scrolling through social media, and daydreaming about what could be — the trips you could be on, and the dream job you could have. But, you're not doing much to manifest those thoughts and make them your reality. Instead, you're texting your besties with, "Hey, what are you doing? I'm so bored," and wishing you had something to be excited about. Let me tell you: There are some sweet changes to make in 2019 if you're bored and want your life to sparkle. (Throwing glitter in the air will be required.)

To start making these changes, you need to shift your mindset. You need to ditch any negative and petty thoughts around your current situation, and let the light shine on what's waiting for you in the future. You know, your focus on what everybody else thinks you should be doing, or the idea that you can't rock that turtleneck sweater like a boss? Yes, get rid of them ASAP.

Now, there's no way to predict exactly what's going to happen, or where you will be in a few months. But, there are some things you can do in the present moment to get you on the right track — to ensure that you're sparkling Monday through Friday, and on the weekends, too. Simply make these nine changes in the new year, and watch your days start to glisten.

Wake Up And Start Your Day Before Noon

First things first: Your life can't be an adventure if you're waking up every day well after noon. It just doesn't work that way, especially in the winter when the sun sets early.

Even though waking up for those alarms may be a struggle, challenge yourself to get up and start your day. Give yourself something to look forward to every morning, like a cup of coffee in a cute mug, or a really good plate of breakfast food. Then, notice how much time you have to make your life into something amazing. Everything already feels a bit more sparkly.

Don't Make Promises You're Not Going To Keep

Making changes in your life starts with holding yourself accountable for the things you said you would do, and the promises you said you'd keep. More often that not, you're making these deals with yourself and others, and not following through. Imagine what would happen if you did? Some pretty amazing things.

So, in order to make your life sparkle, stick to the promises you know that you can fulfill, and ditch the ones you can't. This will make you and the people in your life feel immensely better, and gives you more room for success.

Unplug From Social Media

At any given moment, you're on your phone and catching up on every single post and meme. You're tapping app after app, and reopening ones you were in just a few minutes ago. (Sound familiar? Girl, same.)

Your phone and social media feeds can be major distractions. They keep you tied to your screen, instead of looking up at the world around you. Challenge yourself every day to hit pause on technology, and take notice of the beauty, opportunities, and random things in your life.

Don't Worry About What Other People Think

Worrying about what other people think is probably the sole reason why you're so bored with life. Think about it: How many times have you let your friend's opinion, or even a complete stranger's, stop you from doing something you love?

There was the time you didn't rock that blue eyeliner because your bestie thought it was too bold, or the selfie you didn't post because you thought someone might think you're self-centered. Girl, you know who you are as a person, so own it! Do what makes you happy, and leave other people's opinions at the door.

Read More Books And Magazines

When you think about spicing up your life, you probably have thoughts like, "I need to buy a plane ticket." In a lot of ways, doing that can be really rewarding and add something meaningful to your life. But, have you even considered reading more books and magazines?

Diving head-first into a travel catalogue, poetry book, or mystery novel is a sweet (and relaxing) way to make your life sparkle. It opens your mind and heart up to possibilities, passions, and other worlds — from the comfort of your couch.

Don't Be Afraid To Do Things Alone

Being hesitant and nervous to do things alone is normal. But, those feelings are also stopping you from having a life that truly sparkles. Yes, all of your fears are holding you back from making new memories with yourself — which is a pretty amazing thing to do, if I do say so myself.

The truth is, you don't always need somebody by your side. In fact, sometimes it's better to have that "me time" and experience a new coffee shop or hop on a plane all on your own. Start small and work your way up to the bigger adventures, and watch your life change for the better.

Make Choices About Your Personal Style

Making your life sparkle means being bold in certain aspects that you might be ignoring right now. For example, you may want to try initiating more conversations with your friends, or taking on new, exciting projects at work. You may also want to start making some choices about your personal style.

Up until now, you've been wearing the latest trends and not straying much from your usual stores. That's OK, but don't limit yourself by not exploring what else is out there. Find a color palette you love and stick to it, or invest in pieces that make you feel comfortable and undeniably you. Get the idea?

Don't Have Petty Arguments

Let me give it to you straight: Don't have petty arguments, especially with the people you love. It's a waste of time and energy on both ends, and likely won't solve anything (or make your life sparkle). Instead, find ways to have constructive conversation and be an #adult about what's bugging you.

Celebrate Your Little Victories

Not every moment in life is going to be like a movie, where there's dramatic music playing in the background and rain pouring down. But, there will be a lot of moments that can be considered "little victories."

These are the times when you accomplish something small but significant to you, like cleaning the entire apartment, taking care of a succulent for a week, or picking a font for your new business logo.

To someone else, these things may not be a reason to celebrate — and that's OK. Celebrate those moments with yourself, and for yourself. Life is going to be a lot more sparkly in the new year if you do.