7 Things I Do Every Day That Make Me Feel Like I Have My 20s All Figured Out

"Practice makes perfect." That's what my soccer coach used to say whenever we'd miss a goal. Sure enough, after a few more kicks, every player was doing a bit better. We celebrated with popsicles from the ice cream truck after games, and picked numbers for the following season, with the plan to once again crush the competition. Later, I quit so that I could take more dance classes. But, that's besides the point, which is: We stuck with it, and that made all the difference. We made sinking the ball into the net a habit, instead of an option. Now, there are things I do every day, just like this, that make me feel like I have my 20s all figured out. Thanks to the blue team for this one.

Honestly, being a 20-something can be straight chaos. You're paying your own bills, and finding the answers to questions like, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" You think to yourself, "Well, I am grown up and don't really know. So, there's that." Take a deep breath, and know that you're exactly where you're supposed to be. You're a perfect work in progress.

All of that anxiety and nerves you have about the future and #adulting is normal, and can be easily calmed with doing one of these seven things every single day. Like a second grade soccer player, keep going and you'll realize that you're getting there — to the ice cream on the other side.

I Make My Bed Every Morning

Let me give you the scoop: Your mom was right when she told you to make your bed in the morning. In fact, she was probably right about everything, including setting the table for dinner, too. At the time, you didn't want to accept it. You would leave your blankets in a pile on your floor, and pillows at an angle. Nobody could tell you what to do!

Well, growing up, you realize that these little details can mean the world. Making your bed isn't a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, but it does make you feel like you have something figured out. Life can be messy, but your space is organized. So, everything else will fall into place, too. See how that works?

I Cook A Lot Of My Meals

Cooking my own meals always makes me feel like I have life figured out. I know how to bake a piece of chicken in the oven, and make a bowl of mashed potatoes (because let's be honest: That's #necessary, too.) Over the years, I've even taught myself which spices are good with certain foods. Believe it or not, there is a time and place for garlic or a sprig of fresh basil.

Now, I owe my cooking skills to my mom and living abroad for the first time in a place where food is an art. But, it's something that I continue to incorporate into my routine. If anything else, it makes you feel healthier to know what you're eating and exactly how it was prepared.

I Say "I Love You"

Every single day, I say those three words that sealed the deal between Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl. And I mean it every time. Sometimes it's been to my family as I'm walking out the door, or my cat when she's doing something truly ridiculous in our kitchen. Other times, it's in a lot less casual moments — those moments when you wrap up all your feelings into eight letters, to let another person know that you care.

It's been one of my favorite habits to get into, because it gives you the chance to appreciate life and the things, people, or places in it. Sure, you shouldn't just toss the phrase around like glitter on an arts and crafts project. But, tastefully overuse it and you'll feel more grateful than ever before.

I Drink A Glass Of Water

There's something to be said for saying hydrated. One glass of water will make your body feel like a million bucks, and instantly change your mood. At least, that's been my experience.

Now, I'm not a nutritionist by any means. But, you're supposed to drink a certain amount of water every day, and I believe it's more than just one glass. I decided to commit to this amount, because I knew it was something that I could do, every single day. Right before bed, or in the morning on the side of my cup of coffee, I'll have a few ounces of water. It tends to make a big difference.

It's like those memes that circulate all over the Internet that say, "You're basically a house plant with more complicated emotions." Those words are wise. Listen to them.

I Look Up At The Stars

*Cue the romantic comedy music.* Yes, I know that gazing at the galaxy sounds cheesy AF, but it's something that I do every single day that genuinely makes me feel like everything in life is going OK.

I have an app on my phone that tells me all the constellations and where the certain stars are in the sky. On cloudy nights, you can't see much, if anything at all. The beauty of the universe, though, is that it's always there — to remind you that the world is wide, to do your small part to make it better, and that any challenge you face can be overcome.

I Find Something That Inspires Me

Everybody needs a source of inspiration. This may be a place, a person, or something you see on your social media feed. But, it's important to have, because it reminds you of what you're passionate about.

For me, this is anything related to photography, travel, art, and memes. (Yes, you read that right.) But for you, it may be a scientist who's completely altering the field, or a #girlboss who's taking the industry by storm.

Every single day, I try to seek out or randomly come across something that gives me butterflies in my stomach. It keeps me reaching for the stars and always ready to take a new leap.

I Roll My Eyes At Something Ridiculous

Hear me out on this one. I know it sounds sassy and sarcastic, but I roll my eyes at something ridiculous every single day. And it's the most therapeutic thing for someone who is a 20-something and figuring it all out.

Truth is, life has its ups and downs, and you have to learn to go along with it at times. You have to filter out the moments and situations that aren't worth your time, and laugh at yourself during the embarrassing ones. I roll my eyes at memes, people who are complaining in line while waiting for coffee, or cars on the road.

It reminds me to never take life too seriously. This decade of your life is just the beginning of a full-blown adventure. Why treat it any other way?