8 Regrets You Experience In Your 20s That Mom Definitely Warned You About

It turns out, your mom was right. She knew that one day you'd need some sound advice about life and love, and tried to prepare you for the real world. She expected that you wouldn't necessarily listen to her long lectures, or understand where she was coming from when she told you to not sweat the small stuff. Naturally, you grew up and these warnings and lesson started to make sense. You faced some of the regrets you might have in your 20s, and realized you could've avoided them all along. It's not the end of the world. Hear me out, OK?

Nobody wants to live their life with regrets, but it happens more often than not. You wish you said or did something differently, and can't take it back now. Turn that frown upside down — it's not as bad as you think. Truth is, this is just the beginning of your life, and you're bound to make mistakes. You're going to mess up, forgive yourself, and then fall back down again. The key is to change your mindset on it all.

Don't look at these regrets as rock bottom. Instead, put your positive pants on and focus on the future. There's so much beauty in being human, and it starts with trying your best, even if you fail. Sure, your mom warned you about these eight things. Well, you'll know for next time!

Not Getting Enough Sleep

You're so guilty of not going to bed at a reasonable hour. (Don't worry — I am, too.) You might be super moody in the morning, or complain all afternoon about how you could really use a nap. You rely on coffee to get you through the commute or your early morning class.

Back when you were a little kid, your mom warned you about getting run-down and how you'd regret staying awake so late. Next time, you'll know better.

Not Clipping All Of The Coupons

You never understood why your mom clipped coupons. On Sunday morning, she used to go through the weekly paper, and review all of the products on sale. You watched her fill up an envelope with deals and steals, and then stick to her list when she got to the store.

Now, you're 20-something, and regretting all of the grocery trips where you didn't do the same. You shouldn't have spent your money on the expensive brands, when the knock-off is just as good. (Not to mention, you probably don't need chicken nuggets every single week.) Cut yourself some slack, and know you'll figure out all sorts of ways to save some cash.

Holding A Tough Grudge

Growing up, your mom probably told you many times, "Hate is a very strong word!" She warned you to use it wisely, and forgive rather than just forget. At the time, you didn't think much of it. You knew how strongly you felt, and wanted the whole world to know. As a 20-something, though, you realized that holding grudges wastes so much time, energy, and happiness.

You're much more interested in protecting your peace-of-mind. You respectfully stand up for yourself, and don't get caught up in the drama. Life is too short, and your mom was right to warn you on this one.

Calling A Situation "The Worst"

The phrase "the worst" has become a staple in your vocabulary. You've caught yourself using it to describe school, the line at the coffee shop, and even people who are giving you problems. During these times, your mom warned you to watch your language, and challenge your own thoughts.

She compared your frustration about studying for an exam to a much bigger problem in the world, and you rolled your eyes at such an exaggeration. (Was she right all along? Of course!) There will always be something better, and there will always be something worse. The key is to be grateful for what you have in this moment, and keep everything in perspective.

Always Following The Crowd

In your 20s, you really can't follow the crowd. You may feel confused about where you're supposed to be and what you're supposed to be doing, but as easy as it is to walk down someone else's path, it's crucial that you find your own.

Growing up, your mom told you that it's OK if you had to miss out on some group plans, or opted for a different purse than the style all the girls had at school. You tried to make a convincing argument, but now regret not doing your own thing. Don't worry — there's still so much life ahead of you to live on your own terms. Just keep your mom's advice in mind, OK?

Not Teaching Yourself How To Cook

Cooking is such a good skill to have, especially when you're living on your own for the first time. You could make mac and cheese or scrambled eggs for every meal, but after a while, it gets really old. Raiding your mom's recipes is always a good idea.

When you were in high school, she may have taught you some basics in the kitchen. She would've gladly spent an entire weekend teaching you how to cook chicken, and sauté vegetables in a frying pan. But, you told her you would eventually figure it out. Well, now that time has come, and you're scrolling all over Pinterest looking for tips and tricks. Whoops.

Not Keeping Up With The Latest News

You're a crucial part of this world, which means you need to keep up with the latest news. You need to be informed of what's happening on the other side of the planet, even if it doesn't directly affect you. Growing up, your mom tried to teach you this lesson, but you didn't quite listen. Now, you're all ears.

You want to be educated and have your own opinions. Maybe you started traveling and became passionate about other places around the globe. You regret not getting involved with politics, human rights, or your favorite charities much earlier. But, better later than never, right?

Taking Life Too Seriously

Always approach life with a sense of humor — it's that simple. The rest of the world will put a lot of pressure on you — to be someone, to move somewhere, to fight a battle that's not your own. Let's be honest: So far, you haven't been so good at cracking a smile.

You tend to take life too seriously at times, and regret not tapping into your funny bone in certain situations. You're bound to make mistakes, or live through some embarrassing moments. That's just part of life, and your mom has always told you that laughing goes a long way.