Rihanna Wore New Fenty Beauty Makeup On Her 'Harper's Bazaar' Cover, & OMG, The Colors Are Stunning

Brendon Thorne/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Rihanna looks great virtually all the time, but when she's serving looks on magazine covers and the like, she always ups the ante and delivers even more glam goddess realness. Considering she has her own bomb makeup brand, Fenty Beauty, it's no surprise that she often uses her own products when wowing us with bold, beautiful looks, and ICYMI, Rihanna wore new Fenty Beauty makeup on her Harper's Bazaar cover that I absolutely must own. There aren't a ton of deets on exactly what products are coming soon, but one thing's for sure: They'll be bright, and they'll be beautiful.

I feel like Rihanna is an obvious choice to grace Harper's Bazzar for their annual Beauty Issue, given that everything about her is, well, beautiful. From her appearance to her talents to her vivacious personality, Riri is beauty personified, and it's no surprise she killed it on the cover. The magazine features an up-close shot of Rihanna looking like a damn bird-of-paradise decked out in rich, decadent colors. It's a far cry from her usual bronzy glow, but the whole look is breathtaking, from the dash of yellow liner to the red lashes. Swoon.

All rainbows should look like Rihanna's eye makeup in this photo from this moment forward:

Makeup artist and beauty exec Isamaya Ffrench is responsible for the cover's multicolored beat, as well as the rest of the major looks Riri rocks in the issue. She totally killed it, and I'd love to attempt to (poorly) recreate it, but Ffrench didn't give any info on the products she used. I couldn't figure out why, until Fenty Beauty posted the cover and hinted at something new. "We spy something coming soon on @badgalriri’s May cover of @harpersbazaarus... stay tuned!" they captioned their repost of the Harper's cover, and OMG, I need answers.

Fenty Beauty, how are you going to show us such a gorgeous look and not spill all the deets?

Fenty is chock full of bold products already, with lipsticks in every shade from neon orange to dreamy periwinkle to wasabi green, as well as colorful eye products like the Moroccan Spice Palette and some gorgeous loose pigments, but this? This is a whole other level of bright. There's so much going on, though, and I'm not sure if the entire lewk is new Fenty, or just one specific part. The finish and texture of the eye makeup is almost paint-like, so perhaps some super pigmented liquid shadows are coming soon? Meanwhile, her lips are a snake-y metallic golden green, which could mean a whole new era of Fenty lip products.

Rihanna, if you're reading this, give us a hint! Tell us more!

Given that the focus is clearly on the eyes, I have a feeling the new products will be eye-related, but you never know! Riri is hardly one to do what's expected, so she might surprise her fans with something totally out of left field. She's just launched her summer collection's bronzers, Body Lavas, and highlighters, so who knows when she'll reveal what's coming next. Looks like I'll be buying the Harper's Bazaar issue and doing some serious investigative research until then.