The Fenty Beauty Sun Stalk'r Bronzers Are Dropping Soon & The Internet Has Wild Thoughts

Hold up hold up hold up: You thought the warm weather could commence without Fenty Beauty snatching wigs and saving lifes with another new product? Not so fast — Riri's back with the next new gotta-have-it item, and the new Fenty Beauty Sun Stalk'r Bronzers are pretty much the only beauty product I want for summer. My complexion deserves this rose-gold-packaged, Rihanna-approved powder, and I will accept nothing less. Apologies in advance to my wallet.

ICYMI, Fenty Beauty almost had us fooled into thinking there wouldn't be a new bronzing product from the brand, after oh-so-casually announcing on Instagram that they were not only bringing back the coveted, limited-edition Body Lava, but also expanding the shade range. I was over the moon, believe me, but the announcement came out of nowhere, so I was all, "Guess there won't be a brand new collection along with it." Then, the very day Mercury in retrograde ceased, angel Riri came down from the heavens to bless us with something special. Packaged in the brand's signature octagonal compacts, this time drenched in luxurious mirrored rose gold, the Sun Stalk'r Bronzers have arrived, and prettier than I could ever hope to be, honestly.

This Instagram post just called me pale, and it's not wrong:

According to Fenty Beauty, their mission in designing the perfect bronzer was to achieve "a post-vacay bronze all year round," per their Instagram. This required creating a luxe, blendable formula, creamy enough to channel natural suntan realness, but still transfer-resistant, should you want to take it down the neck and sweep it onto the shoulders, décolletage, and beyond. Wink, wink.

Here's Rihanna rocking her shade, looking like the queen of Barbados, aka her rightful title:

Too good. The powders will launch in eight spectrum-spanning shades, because according to the brand, "Bronzer isn’t one shade fits all!". Amen to that. "India Sun," "Shady Biz," "Private Island," "Island Ting," "Bajan Gyal," "Caramel Cutie," "Coco Naughty," and "Mocha Mami" are the full lineup of shades, which apparently took over two years to get justright.

Here's "Cabana Cutie," in case you want something to drool over RN:

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

I'm so ready to bronze up and serve fierce vibes a la Riri all summer:

Of course, social media is going wild for the latest drop. "Is it possible to be in love with a product," wondered one Instagram user, another jokingly chastising the brand, "Y’all just won’t let my bank account breathe." A lot of fans also tagged beauty guru Nyma Tang, a Youtuber who has made it her mission to shed light on the lack of skintone inclusivity in the industry. Just this week, Tang uploaded a video in which she spent $800 on bronzers trying to find one to suit her deep dark complexion, and was less than pleased with the results. Tang even began the video by saying she had originally gone to Sephora to pick up the new shade of Fenty's Body Lava. "For us with deeper skin tones, we have to get super creative," said Tang about how difficult it can be to find a good match. "We have to just be able to finesse products and make them work."

I'm curious to see if Tang will review the darkest shade, "Mocha Mami," and share her thoughts:

Some fans were quick to share negative thoughts based on the swatches. "So basically if you’re in the 400’s only 1 shade could work?" one user wrote, referring to Fenty's extensive foundation shade range. "I love you but y’all need to add some darker shades for folks that are deeper than the 420," wrote another disappointed user, "You are leaders in the complexion games but we need bronzers that would work for 498+ @nymatang."

If you plan to snag a Sun Stalk'r for yourself or want to swatch one IRL, the bronzers will be available April 5, and you can shop them on the Fenty Beauty site, online and in stores at Sephora and Sephora locations within JC Penney, and at Harvey Nichols.