Popeyes' Red Velvet Cake Cups for Valentine's Day 2020

Popeyes Is Selling Mini Red Velvet Cakes That Are Almost Too Cute To Eat

Courtesy of Popeyes

With Valentine's Day practically here already, Popeyes is ready to celebrate by gifting its fans with a new seasonal dessert. The new Popeyes' Red Velvet Cake Cup for Valentine's Day is a festive bite perfect for the day of love. Don't fall too hard for these bad boys, though, because they'll only be available for a limited time.

Available at Popeyes locations nationwide as of Friday, Feb. 14, the Red Velvet Cake Cup brings the spirit of the holiday with a pop of red color. To celebrate Valentine’s Day the Popeyes' way, fans can come into Popeyes and purchase a Red Velvet Cake Cup, which is basically a mini red velvet cake, starting at $2.49. The Red Velvet Cake Cup is a rich red velvet cake slathered with a creamy vanilla frosting and dusted with red sugar. While traditional red velvet cake recipes usually use a cream cheese frosting, the vanilla frosting gives these cute cakes a little twist.

The new limited-edition red velvet desserts are a change from 2019's Valentine's Day meal deal, but that doesn't mean you can't add some chicken — maybe even a Popeyes Chicken Sandwich — to your meal. You gotta have something sweet and salty, right?

Courtesy of Popeyes

Do these mini cakes have your sweet tooth watering? You might want to take advantage of other sweet deals for Valentine's Day, like Tim Horton's free heart-shaped doughnut, Dunkin's Happy Hour and discounted Munchkins, and Starbucks' Happy Hour. With all these deals, the holiday of love could easily turn into a day of self-love, because if there was ever a day to treat yo' self, it's a day where discounted doughnuts and coffee abound. Oh, and that's all before you get to Popeyes for your pint-sized cake.

Even if you don't stop into Popeyes on Valentine's Day, you can still order the new Red Velvet Cake Cup for some time after the launch, so get ready for a sweet, love-inspired bite.