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If You're Any Of These 3 Zodiac Signs, November Will Be Swirling With Romance


It's peak cuffing season. The temperature is starting to drop, and everyone's looking for that special someone to keep them warm. Autumn is a season of maturity, but it's also a time to bask in your harvest blessings. Astrologically, November 2020 will be the most romantic for these zodiac signs: Gemini, Cancer, and Scorpio. It's also the beginning of eclipse season, so pivotal changes are afoot.

Romance is inevitable while luscious Venus sashays through its sign of rulership, Libra. In this cardinal sign, the planet of love is light-hearted, pleasant, and willing to compromise, which is more than often reflected onto the collective. Venus in Libra thrives in relationships; there's a desire for compromise and balance. Aggressive behavior, injustices, and snarky comments are frowned upon, which ultimately helps cultivate a peaceful atmosphere. Good news: Mercury stations direct on Nov. 3, which means you're officially in the clear to start something new, and with Venus officially transiting through charming Libra, this new beginning's bound to involve a relationship of sorts.

With coquettish Venus in mind, it's also important to acknowledge her transit into smoldering Scorpio on Nov. 21. This will definitely intensify the relationship atmosphere, especially after Mars stations direct on Nov. 13. The goddess of love is also symbolic of the harmony you experience in your life, whether it emotionally, mentally, or physically speaking. In Scorpio, Venus morphs into a seductive siren who seeks to merge with another mind, body, and soul.

November will be nothing short of seductive, but here's why it'll be romantic for Gemini, Cancer, and Scorpio:


Gemini: You're Basking In The Spotlight And Catching Your Lover's Attention

You're feeling yourself in November, Gemini. With Venus dancing through your romantic fifth house of love, affection, happiness, and passion, you're not only looking for someone to sweep you off your feet, you're also making the world fall in love with you in the process. Granted, with the sun in your orderly sixth house of responsibility sitting in opposition with rebellious Uranus in your 12th house of secrets, you could be totally oblivious to this energy, so feel free to reread this if you find yourself preoccupied with daily duties.

Cancer: You're Coming Out Of Your Shell And Catching Someone's Eye

Scorpio is your kryptonite, and the same goes for its sultry season, Cancer. Given that this fixed water sign governs your flirtatious fifth house of fun, romance, passion, self-expression, and your diamond heart, there's always a seductive wave of energy that creeps up on you whenever this season rolls around. More importantly, it doesn't matter whether the sun is in Scorpio or Sagittarius this month. Both of their planetary rulers — Jupiter and Pluto — will join forces in your seventh house of one-on-one partnerships, magnifying the dynamic between you and a significant other.

Scorpio: You're Manifesting Things And A Smoldering Romance Is One Of Them

Your birthday season isn't only about the birthday sex, Scorpio. Although, with your traditional ruler, Mars, finally stationing direct, chances are your mojo will be back before you know it. The day before Mars goes direct, Jupiter will meet with your powerful planetary ruler, Pluto, in your third house of thought process and immediate environments. This will magnify the intensity behind your velvet voice, and increase the chances of your manifesting what you desire most, especially if you've been looking for a relationship. Venus will also be traveling through your secretive 12th house of dreams, solitude, and all things behind the scenes, setting the perfect atmosphere for a secret love affair. This still doesn't compare to the alluring magnetism of Venus' shift into your sign, so stay tuned.