Lizzo Birth Chart

Lizzo's Birth Chart Explains Her Confidence & Why She's Made For The Spotlight

Lizzo's ability to live life as a celebrity while consistently using her platform to talk about issues that matter couldn't be more admirable. After all, navigating life in the public eye is never easy. Over the years, the "Truth Hurts" singer has been transparent about her personal experiences with confidence and self-love. Taking a look at Lizzo's birth chart can help explain why she seems to tackle such topics with ease, and further confirms that she is the perfect person to share her personal experiences with social media, body positivity, and living in a fatphobic society.

Your birth chart is essentially a map of where all of the planets were in the sky the moment you took your first breath, and can describe your innate motivations and how you consciously (and unconsciously) express yourself. It also describes career endeavors, relationship themes, and much, much more. At its core, the position of the sun, moon, and rising sign can provide you with endless details about a person — Lizzo's birth chart is no different. She's always willing to be completely transparent with others when it comes to her personal journey, and is often acknowledged for her unwavering confidence and her desire to give a voice to those who are often silenced.

Here's what Lizzo's birth chart says about the position of her sun, moon and rising sign, along with why she's made for the spotlight:

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Lizzo's a Leo rising, so she's ruled by the sun.

Lizzo's known for her optimism, warmth, and creativity, all of which are qualities of Leo rising. The sun is what gives us energy, and when it rules the rising sign, the individual embodies those solar-like qualities effortlessly. Being ruled by the sun, Lizzo attracts attention easily because of her radiance, and she uses the acknowledgement she receives to speak about her own personal struggles. Since Leo is a fixed sign, her self-expression is consistent to who she is as an individual, and her biggest flex is always remaining true to herself, no matter who's watching.

Her sun is in Taurus, making her extremely hardworking and grounded.

With her sun in the sign of Taurus, she expresses her desire for acknowledgement in a way that's stable, creative, and pleasure-seeking. Her sun is in her 10th house of public image and career, which is why she handles being a public figure so easily. Her Mercury and Jupiter also reside in Taurus, further emphasizing her desire to make a name for herself in career, specifically in her creative pursuits. (Not only does she sing, but she's phenomenal at playing the flute as well.) With all of this fixed sign energy in her chart, Lizzo is easily able to commit to something until she's reached her goals.

Her moon is in Virgo, adding an analytical and communicative expression to her personality.

In astrology, the moon represents our inner self, as well as what brings us the most emotional comfort. Lizzo's moon is in the sign of Virgo, indicating that she achieves emotional comfort through stabilizing and productive pursuits, as well as communication. She likely benefits from keeping busy, and channels her emotions into the work that she does. Since her moon is in the second house of money and resources, she establishes emotional comfort through managing her resources in a logical, sober manner. She may often be subject to self-criticism, which is a side of her that others may not always see because of her extroverted and optimistic rising sign.