Kylie Rocked A New Bob On IG & It's Giving Me Major Kim K Vibes

Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Jenners and Kardashians are always changing up their looks, and if Kylie Jenner's new bob haircut has taught me anything, it's that our girl loves extremes. One minute she's rocking a braid that skims her ankles, the next her strands are super short, a la big sis Kim's current go-to bob. I guess that's what life is like when you're hot enough to rock virtually any hairstyle — why not try them all, right?

When Kylie Jenner posted a bevy of Instagram posts wearing a long, single braid down her back in July, she single-handedly brought the style back, and it's now a top trend for fall. Seriously, when was the last time you saw a plain braid and thought "That's a lewk!"? Now, even massive celebs like Beyoncé are rocking the style, but rather than keep wearing it, Jenner is already rocking a new 'do. She never sticks with one look for too long! I personally love that she's always changing things up; she's like an endless source of hair inspo.

Here's the iconic braid in question, worn during the iconic Kylie Skin getaway, as well as pretty much every other Instagrammable occasion Jenner documented this summer:

For quite a few months, extra-long hair was really her "thing":

That said, fans were shook to see Jenner post with shorter strands this week:

There was a lot to show off in this pic, from the bright blue car to the cute two-piece set to Jenner's derriere (Swipe to the second photo for a very intentionally bootylicious shot!), but many fans' eyes went immediately to her hair.

Just days before, Jenner 'grammed with mid-length strands, but it appears she got a fresh chop for fall:

Maybe I'm overthinking it, but her new 'do looks a lot like older sis Kim Kardashian's current style, don'tcha think?

Kardashian has been all about the shorter strands this season, and given that Jenner herself has admitted to copying her older sis in the past, it's possible Kylie's new 'do is an homage to Kim. Love that!

Jenner also sported a bob for the recent Kylie Cosmetics x Balmain photoshoot. Maybe she fell in love with the style then?

Either way, I'm so into how ~fresh and clean~ it looks. Believe me, I'm a lover of long, beachy waves, but something about a short, sleek bob is just so chic. Wavy tresses can't compare!

Middle parts and turned-in ends are also big trends for fall, so of course Jenner pulls off both flawlessly:

Is there a hairstyle this woman can't slay? TBH, I don't think so. She's done it all, from dip-dyed turquoise ends to booty-skimming ponies, to her new look, her shortest cut to date. Like I said, I love when celebs are constantly changing up their looks, as it makes their Instagram feeds as inspo-filled as well-curated Pinterest boards. Shout out to Kylie for nailing yet another fab look, and giving me one more hairstyle to contemplate for myself.