Hello To Kim K's New SHORTEST-EVER Bob Haircut Only

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian West changes her hair so much, it's honestly the hardest thing about her to keep up with. (If you don't get that KUWTK puns, it's fine, I'll see myself out.) If you haven't seen Kim Kardashian's latest short bob haircut, this time around, it's not a great wig, but in fact a real deal haircut — times two. Yup, apparently, Kardashian had her hair cut twice in one day to get the perfect ultra-short bob, and considering one major haircut is enough to send me spiraling for weeks, I applaud her bravery. Plus, the look is bomb AF.

When the Kardashians first rose to fame, their long, dark hair seemed like it'd be their forever "thing." It was a constant reminder of their Armenian heritage, and the fact that all the girls had the same tresses really emphasized their ~sister vibes~. Since then, though, almost every sibling has changed up her 'do a myriad of times, whether she's gone platinum blonde, super short, or rocked a heavy head of extensions. Kim, in particular, changes her hair up quite a bit, but she always returns to her signature dark brunette strands, and while she does still love a long wave, she's been serving a lot of short hair moments lately.

Before an appearance on The TODAY Show earlier this week, Kim and her hairstylist, Chris Appleton, took to Twitter to ask fans for advice on her fresh chop:

"BTW Chris wants to cut my hair another inch. Should we???" Kardashian asked fans, many of whom responded that yes, of course she should, she's Kim Kardashian West and she can pull off any look. Duh!

In the actual The TODAY Show segment, it looks as though Appleton stuck with the bob's original length, with strands hitting an inch or two below Kardashian's chin:

However, paparazzi shots of Kim attending Serena Williams's NYFW show not long after show that she did in fact agree to a second chop:

Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock

"Yesterday we cut @kimkardashian the shortest we have EVER done it," Appleton wrote on Instagram, "You guys think we should keep it or nah?" Tons of fans loved the look, and begged Appleton to convince Kardashian to stick with it for a while. "Keep it. I get so tired of the same long hair on almost everyone. It’s ridiculous," wrote one commentor on his post. Another, though, basically predicted the future: "I love it but I know she’ll want something different by this time next week and I can’t say nothing cause I’m the same way." Big mood!

Cut to literally one day later, and Kardashian's strands were once again long:


Notice Appleton in the back of the above pap shot? He definitely doesn't look too thrilled to have his muse rocking long hair again, LOL. "Back long by popular demand mainly from Kim lol 🙋🏻‍♀️ #ripbob," he wrote. Hey, at least he convinced her to go super short, if only for a couple of hours! Shout out to Chris for taking Kim out of her comfort zone — and FYI, Kim, you were rocking the short hair! Don't be afraid to try it again!