This Clue In Kim K's Insta Of The Babies' Louis Vuitton Purses May Hint At Her Reported 4th Baby

Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian West is a lot of things: impeccably dressed, impossibly photogenic, extra AF... but selfish? Never! ICYMI, Kim Kardashian gave the Kardashian babies mini Louis Vuitton purses out of the kindness of her generous, luxury-obsessed heart. Yes, it's a little over the top, and no, the kids definitely don't understand how extravagant this gift is, but guess what, people? Kim K can be as extra a mom or auntie as she chooses to be! She's creating childhood memories with the help of designer handbags, and if that was my aunt, I'd be saying "thank you" until the cows came home, that's for sure. Plus, if you look closely at the pic she posted, her great gift might double as a hint for her own reported future family expansion.

Honestly, this story has all my favorite things: cute babies, luxury goods, and Kim Kardashian living her best damn life in spite of haters and their judgments. Kardashian undoubtedly knew that some people might gawk at the display of excess, but that didn't stop her from putting it on her social media for the world to see. "I got these for all of the baby girls in the fam for Xmas from Japan," Kim wrote on an Instagram Story snapshot of eight mini Louis Vuitton purses, each of which is black with a rainbow LV logo pattern.

Behold, the baby-sized bags in question:

Kim Kardashian West/Instagram

My first reaction had nothing to do with how over the top this gift was. To be honest, I was only focused on why there were eight bags in the photo. North, Chicago, Dream, True, Stormi, Penelope... With the rumor mill spinning that Kardashian and her husband, Kanye West, are reportedly expecting another child via surrogacy, I started to imagine chic little Kardashian twins in the very near future.

However, Kim said on Twitter that one bag was hers. But who knows about that eighth one! This feels like baby-foreshadowing to me:

Of course, nothing has been confirmed by the family as it relates to Kim and Kanye reportedly expecting a fourth child, but who knows? If they are expecting, and that's the "future" that Kim K was referring to in the tweet above, then could the baby that Kim and Kanye may or may not be expecting be a girl? Only time will tell.

Honestly, though, Kim is so smart, and here's why. Instead of coming at her for dropping so much coin, everyone is too busy obsessing over the possibility of this hinting at her reported fourth child to be hating. Genius! I scanned all of Twitter to see what everyone's thoughts were, and found nada besides baby speculation and fans wishing they themselves could get their hands on that extra LV bag.

Regardless, the current Kardashian babies seemed to really love their aunt's splurgy gift. Kylie uploaded a too-cute-for-words video of Stormi grabbing her bag and proceeding to throw it over her shoulder in a sassy fashion, simply saying "Bye." This is now an official petition for Stormi to star in a Clueless remake in 2036. She would slay.

But seriously, could she be any cuter?

In a world full of bad news, Kim splurging on her kids and her nieces is pure, adorable, and downright iconic, and I'm willing to fight about it. Now, excuse me while I go brainstorm ways to get adopted by one of the Kardashians, because one of those extra bags definitely has my name on it. Fingers crossed.