Kim K Just Debuted Frosted Brown Hair & It's The Perfect Summer Shade For Brunettes

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Ever since she and her family came on the scene so many years ago, I've obsessed over and envied Kim Kardashian's shiny, dark brunette hair. If only I'd been blessed with those fantastic Armenian everyday-is-a-good-hair-day genes! That said, I still love seeing her change up her look, so when I saw Kim Kardashian West's frosted brown hair debut on Instagram this week, I was all for it. We love a lighter look for summer, am I right, ladies? After damaging her strands the first time she went full-on platinum blonde, Kardashian has been cautious when it comes to light locks, but whether her new 'do is a great wig or a safer, more subtle dye job, I love it so damn much, and I want the world to know.

When you're a celebrity, your appearance is part over your overall branding, and certain physical attributes become instantly associated with certain celebs. No matter how many shades of blonde Christina Aguilera tries, her Marilyn-esque white lob from the "Candyman" era and her black-and-blonde striped strands from her "Dirrty" days will always be inseparable from her image. Similarly, Lady Gaga has tried every hair color under the sun, but anytime a fan dresses up as Gaga for Halloween, they'll most likely don a long, platinum wig with bangs, similar to the hair she had in her OG "Just Dance" and "Pokerface" days. Kardashian isn't a musician, so I can't tie her hair phases back to specific music videos, but I think anyone would agree with my argument that her dark Armenian locks are iconic and recognizable.

When I think of Kim K, this is the hair that instantly comes to mind:

And her hairstylist, the talented Chris Appleton, makes sure her strands are on point every damn day:

Typically, when Kim opts for lighter hair, it's in the form of full-on platinum blonde, or a fun, light-colored wig for a photo shoot or product campaign. She never really goes for light brown, as her brunette moments are always dark, shiny, and sultry.

So when Appleton posted this frosty pony, I was shook... But totally living for it, of course:

Yes, Kimmie! Serve that chocolate brown ponytail fantasy! Somehow, this color is more shocking on Kim than platinum. No matter how far I scroll back on her Instagram feed, I can't find another look for which she's rocked frosted brown hair!

Kardashian really does tend to favor an almost-black shade of brunette...

...And has for most of her life!

That said, the new, lighter hue is killer, and everyone on Instagram agrees. In the comments on Appleton's photo, the vibe is all positivity and praise. "ummm I love this hair," wrote one commenter, another agreeing, "I’m obsessed with this hair on her." Finally, someone asked the question I've been wondering for years: "how does she look so phenomenal???" Spill the deets, Kim and Chris! I need a hair masterclass, stat. Fingers crossed she sticks with the lighter locks for the rest of the summer, or at least for a few more Instagram posts. I'll take what I can get!