Lady Gaga Just Dyed Her Hair The Coolest Color & I Need It On My Head STAT

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When it comes to unnatural (and gorgeous) hair colors, two hues continuously reign supreme: pink and purple. The shades look good on literally everyone and add a dreamy, ethereal quality to all lengths and styles of strands. Lady Gaga's new lilac hair color is no exception and honestly might convince you to reach for the bleach and your preferred color of the rainbow. Pastels are trending this winter, didn't you know?

While exciting to see, Gaga's new color isn't her first foray into highly pigmented hair. In fact, the singer and actress has rocked pretty much every color you could imagine at one point or another. She's had egg yolk yellow hair and mermaid teal hair, rainbow striped hair and Bowie red hair. She's even had an ombré boasting a shade of purple similar to the one she's rocking now—the woman has done it all. Most recently, we watched one of her dramatic hair transformations unfold on-screen in her role as Ally in A Star Is Born. Her character begins blonde, goes a sherbet orange as her fame ascends, and then settles on a chocolate brown hue once she truly comes into her own. Seeing Gaga with the orange hue was such a treat (she's been platinum blonde for awhile now) so seeing her settle on her new lilac color off-screen and IRL is a very welcome event.

Yesterday, Christian Carino, Gaga's fiancé, posted a photo of her sitting on a fountain with her new light purple locks draped across her face. "fountain of kindness." he wrote under the image, in what might be the cutest photo caption ever.

Paired with her Iron Maiden shirt and black leather coat, Gaga's new punky hair looks like rocker cool at its absolute best. Her roots appear to have just begun to grow in again, with the tiniest bit of her natural brown hair showing, while the purple itself is an extremely faded lilac. Hints of her signature platinum blonde can be seen peeping through, giving the shade an almost sun bleached look. It's simultaneously whimsical and badass and it's definitely making me want to go purple. Again.

When I was in college, I dyed my hair a shade of dusty silvery lilac. It was slightly darker than Gaga's and featured a more pronounced gray, and I was instantly obsessed upon seeing it in my salon's mirror. The thing is, it faded to a murky grayish brown within a mere week, with all traces of purple disappearing in days. I was devastated! This all goes to say that it's so important to care for colored hair with the proper shampoo and conditioner after you get it done. The intensity of a color will also depend on what hue your natural hair is, how the bleaching process goes, and how your stylist decides to tone your hair.

If you're interested in going Gaga, I say totally do it. Just make sure you talk to your stylist about what to realistically expect and splurge on the color care products.