Kim K Has KKW Beauty, KKW Fragrance, & SKIMS On Sale For Her Birthday Today Only

Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Attention all Kim stans, it's the queen's birthday! And in honor of her turning 39, Kim Kardashian's birthday sale 2019 on SKIMS, KKW Beauty, & KKW Fragrance is a gift to her fans. Who gives gifts on their own birthday? She's too darn generous! That said, I happily accept, and definitely plan to get some shopping done today. Kim only turns 39 once, after all!

Even though I'm a devout Kardashian social media follower, I admit I never really give the girls' ages much thought — that is, unless we're talking about Kylie being the youngest and the richest, but I digress. I know she's the mother of four kids and all, but still, it's hard for me to believe that Kim Kardashian is almost 40. What a time! To commemorate the last year of her thirties, Kardashian has decided to host a little sale spanning all the brands she's developed over the last decade, and boy oh boy, am I ready to shop in her honor. We're talking deals on KKW Beauty makeup goodies, KKW Fragrance perfumes, and even SKIMS solutionwear products. The discount, you ask? 39%, natch.

Let's start with a look at what's included in the KKW Fragrance sale, shall we?

KKW Fragrance

Technically, the sale is sitewide, but some exclusions do apply. The OG Crystal Gardenia perfumes are discounted, as are the still-available Kimoji and Kimoji Hearts scents. KKW Body remains full price, but KKW Body II and III are both 39% off. Completely removed from the sale is the Kylie Jenner Lips Collection, as well as the brand new KKW Candle.

Personally, I plan to snag the Kimoji Vibes Fragrance ($27,originally $45, I'm still obsessed with the packaging!

Moving right along, let's look at the KKW Beauty sale, shall we?

KKW Beauty

In terms of makeup, this sale features 39% off of Kardashian's must-have products, which includes a little bit of everything. Both KKW x Kylie Cosmetics lip sets are discounted, as well as the Powder Contours, Crème Contour & Highlight Sticks and Peach Lipsticks and Liners. If you're looking for some color, the sale also includes select Powders and Glosses from Kim's Ultralight Beams range, as well as select pressed and loose powders from the Flashing Lights Collection.

If you've still not tried the Crème Contour Stick ($11, originally $18,, I can't begin to tell you how much I love it. Strongly recommend!

Last but not least, let's talk about the SKIMS sale. Exciting!


Unfortunately, shapewear isn't included in the sale, but shoppers can snag all Underwire Bras for just $39 a pop! The SKIMS bras typically range from $40 to $56, so while you won't be saving much coin on styles like the Underwire Mesh Bra, you can save up to $17 on the T-Shirt Push-Up Bra. Nice! The bras are available in band widths 32-44 and cup sizes A-DDD.

In true SKIMS fashion, the T-Shirt Push-Up Bra ($39, originally $56, comes in nine inclusive shades:

If you were looking to celebrate Kardashian's birthday, it seems shopping any of her brands is the perfect way to do so. Plus, it's a great excuse to justify a few new goodies — but act fast, because the sales end at midnight. HBD, Kimmie!