Kim K Is Dropping A KKW Fragrance CANDLE & Even Though It's Not Called A Kandle, I'm Still Buying

I never thought I'd be writing this sentence, but I need your full attention for the tea I'm about to spill: KANDLES have arrived, y'all, and if you don't know by now, the ceremonious swapping of a traditional "C" for a "K" means the Kardashians have struck yet again. If none of that made sense, let me make things a little clearer. Kim Kardashian just dropped a bombshell on Instagram, and now the whole Internet is talking about where to get KKW Fragrance's new Crystal Gardenia Candle. Yes, you read that right, a Kim K candle! She actually did decide to stick with a "C," which to me feels like a missed marketing opportunity for kandles, but I digress. I'm otherwise excited AF.

What could instantly transform a dreary Monday into one of the most ~exciting~ days of my young life? The news that my capital "K" kween, Miss Kim Kardashian West, is dropping a candle inspired by her iconic first fragrance, Crystal Gardenia. Suddenly I am throwing out the bevy of pumpkin spice-inspired candles I spent all last week stocking up on for fall; I will only be lighting KKW candles from this moment on, people. This is my life now, so accept me as I am or begone!

I didn't see this post coming, but I couldn't be more thrilled:

"Introducing the new #KKWFRAGRANCE candle inspired by our signature scent, Crystal Gardenia," the brand wrote on Instagram, adding that the candle will go live on the KKW Fragrance site on Friday, September 27, at noon PST. On her personal IG, Kim spilled a little more tea. "I’m so excited to announce my new @kkwfragrance candle, inspired by one of my favorite scents Crystal Gardenia," she wrote. "I always have so many candles around my home and having a scent that illuminates the room makes me feel so good. You guys are going to love this candle!!" the caption continued.

It won't be shoppable til the 27, but the KKW Fragrance Candle ($25, is already up on the brand's site for your viewing pleasure:

$25 is high-key reasonable for a candle — the cult-fave Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Candles also retail for $25 apiece, I'm just saying!

There's also the option to snag the KKW Fragrance Candle + Crystal Gardenia Fragrance Bundle ($75, and save some coin on the perfume itself:

If you need a refresher on the brand's signature scent, Crystal Gardenia is described by KKW Fragrance as "a voluptuous, lush and feminine fragrance." Top notes include pink grapefruit, Anjou pear, and watery lily, middle notes include gardenia, tiare flower, and velvet tuberose, and base notes include sandalwood, amber, and musk.

If you think I'm the only mega-fan excited to buy this candle, you're dead wrong. Twitter users are equally thrilled at the news, thank you very much:

And suddenly, I find myself dreaming of owning a KKW-branded lighter, an item that has never once crossed my mind before today, but one that I now deeply desire:

No lighters have been announced just yet, but if you want to snag the kandle (I know it's candle, but I'm still holding out hope she'll change it), be sure to hit up the KKW Fragrance site on September 27.