Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick's quotes about each other are oh so sweet.
18 Sweet Things Kaitlyn Bristowe & Jason Tartick Have Said About Each Other

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Bachelor Nation has high hopes for many couples who meet through the reality show — but let's be real, not all of those relationships are meant to be. Yet there's one fan fave couple that's living proof it's totally possible to find true love through the franchise — even if it's off-camera, long after the final rose has been handed out. Go ahead and read Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick's quotes about each other and you'll see what I mean.

Honestly, what's not to love about this relationship? Not only are they constantly celebrating each other's professional achievements, but they also can't seem to stop praising each other's admirable qualities. Best of all, they never pretend to be perfect — in fact, part of their charm is their unfiltered attitude. Like, when Bristowe admitted she occasionally finds Tartick annoying, or when Tartick claimed that some days, the way he chews a potato chip is enough to irritate his boo (how relatable is that?).

Apparently, the secret to their success is that they always make an effort to ensure the other one feels appreciated.

“I think our number one important thing is putting each other first, and communicating, and making sure each other knows that we’re a priority," Bristowe previously told Elite Daily.

Remember the time Tartick said that the "one and only" "beautiful" Bristowe was "undeniably" his favorite Bachelorette in history? Yeah, there's a lot more where that came from. Here are a handful of examples of this dynamic duo doing what they do best: letting the world know just how deep their love runs.

Gushing Like Whoa
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Tartick seemed pretty confident that Bristowe was his kind of gal before they even went on their first date — and in an interview with ET, he explained why she's totally his type.

"She is a down-to-earth, beautiful woman who has a great sense of humor," he told the news outlet in January 2019. "She seems very strong and knows what she wants and empowers women."

Basically, he had a crush on her for all the right reasons.

Praise For Days

While Tartick couldn't attend the final night of Bristowe's Spring Break tour in Denver, he marked the occasion by congratulating her feat on social media.

"She is a leader amongst her peers. While facing adversity and having support, but facing haters, she stays true to herself," he wrote in his Instagram Story in April 2019, according to Us Weekly. "And let me tell you, she empowers women all over the world. … She creates a safe zone … of unorthodox behavior. We all experience embarrassing moments every day and… we hide from them. We run from them. Kaitlyn empowers people to own it; be true to it ... And I give her all the credit for pushing through [and] empowering all the people she does."

Sounds like Tartick couldn't be prouder of his main lady — and now it totally makes sense why Bristowe calls him her "hype man."

Birthday Wishes

While Tartick and Bristowe have honored each other's birthdays multiple times since they began dating, his first IG tribute to her is totally unforgettable.

"Every day you make your family and friends a priority, you channel all of your energy to positively impact the lives of those who look up to you, and you work relentlessly to go to bed every night a better person than when you woke up," he wrote in the June 2019 post. "Take this day to relax and just absorb all of the incredible things you’ve accomplished and people you’ve touched in the limited time you’ve had in this wild world we live in! Love you so much!"

Unsurprisingly, Bristowe replied with several crying emojis (#ItMe).

Oh So Supportive

On May 14, Bristowe released her country-pop song "If I'm Being Honest" — and Tartick proved he was her biggest fan on Instagram. In his post, he noted that this achievement was a "testament of her ability to conquer her fears of failure and pursue unchartered territory with a refreshing perspective."

"We live in a culture with significant societal pressures & Kaitlyn has a remarkable way of converting negative energy directed her way into a motivational energy source to succeed," Tartick wrote. "Her commitment to lead the life she always imagined is contagious & empowering. The celebration today isn’t about the fact you’re clobbering today’s music charts — #1 in Canada and #3 in the US (...not a big deal) but that you’re crossing another dream off the bucket list!"

Sweet Celebrations

When Bristowe was cast on season 29 of Dancing With The Stars, Tartick took the time to celebrate his boo's accomplishment on the 'Gram.

"Kaitlyn decided to forgo college to pursue dance, her dream was to always dance with professionals … 5 years later from making her debut on ABC we’re heading to LA to make that dream come true,” he wrote. “Mirrorball or not, you did it again … checked another box off your bucket list! And I’m freakin’ here for it!”

He's here for it, you're here for it, I'm here for it.


Bristowe kept it simple but super sweet when she decided to sing her SO's praises in a June 2020 IG post:

"Out of all my proudest accomplishments, you’re my favorite one," she wrote. "It’s your fault I’m this happy!!"

Honestly, though, Tartick's hilarious response takes the cake. He commented: "I never thought I’d see the day I outranked the wine...holy smokes! You’re just the best, love you."

Honest AF

What makes Tartick and Bristowe stand out among the rest is that they definitely don't shy away from acknowledging their imperfections as a couple. This post-Valentine's Day Instagram by Tartick is a perfect example.

He wrote: "Like every relationship we have our tough days and amazing days, good times and bad...but literally everyday Kaitlyn makes me laugh! Love this Canadian beauty to the core!"

Lesson learned: get yourself a partner who can always make you laugh, no matter the circumstances.

The Ultimate Compliment

Tartick didn't even need to add a caption to this stunning photo from the iHeartRadio Podcast Awards — it kind of speaks for itself. Still, he decided to use it as an opportunity to boast about Bristowe, writing: "That is one beautiful bad *ss woman."

I mean, where is the lie?

A Special Thanks

One of the best aspects of having a live-in partner is that they can take care of you when you're sick. Tartick experienced this perk firsthand and decided to give his love a shoutout on IG for being the "best bedside nurse and partner in crime" while also potty-training their pup Pinot.

"It’s been a long 5 days and she’s been a rock," he wrote.

Adoring Applause

Proving once again that he's her biggest cheerleader, Tartick took to IG to celebrate her 2019 E! People's Choice Award nomination for her podcast.

"Whether it be a friend, family member or partner, you know you love someone at the core when you’re genuinely more excited to celebrate their successes than they are!" he wrote. "You never cease to amaze me!"

He was so eager for his boo to win, he even included a link to vote for Bristowe in his bio.


Bristowe just couldn't help herself from bragging about Tartick on IG when she posted this adorable pic — she captioned it simply: "Could he BE any cuter?"

Tartick responded by writing, "Look at you pumping my tires, I’m in my office and needed that... thank you! Also both you and that double gin & tonic on the rocks, in a wine glass, with two limes both look cuter."

TBH, they're both pretty darn cute.


Exactly one year after they first met, Bristowe reminisced on IG about how Tartick helped to make her bad day much brighter, and how that sparked the beginning of a "goofy friendship." The photo she included was taken after recording an episode of her podcast Off The Vine, and she prefaced the post with this accurate warning: "emotional alert."

In her post, Bristowe revealed that she almost canceled her interview at the studio with Tartick because had been "bawling her eyes out in an Uber" and "going through some crap." She was crying on FaceTime to my dad when Tartick came in, and he not only instantly hugged her, but reassured her that he had just been crying at a charity event he came from. Did I mention that he brought her a nice bottle of wine?

"I had asked Olivia [Caridi] to join me for the podcast because I thought I would need someone to help keep the energy up since I was so sad," she explained in the IG post. "But If you spend two seconds with Jason you realize his energy is electric and you can’t help but be in a good mood. My day had changed. I didn’t know what was going to happen ... J, I met you 365 days ago and from what felt like was a goofy friendship, turned into a beautiful love story. Thank you for always lifting me up, being my rock, and thank you for stepping foot into that studio with your Cyclopes eye. You’re my Lobster."

Bristowe was still with ex-fiancé Shawn Booth at the time that photo was taken, but it didn't take long for her friendship with Tartick to grow into something more once she was single again. Less than three months after they met, Tartick publicly asked Bristowe out on an episode of her podcast, and she happily accepted the invitation.

A Profound Proclamation

Bristowe captioned this incredibly romantic Seattle smooch shot: "I love you more than wine."

And if you follow Bristowe, you know that's saying a lot.


Ugh, is there anything better than when your partner-in-crime knows all the words to your favorite throwback jams?

Bristowe gets it. She shared this cute date night pic on IG with the caption: "I fell a little harder last night, when he knew every BSB song, and danced the whole time. You, Jason Tartick, are my fav."

Cute & Candid

In a June 2019 interview with Entertainment Tonight correspondent Lauren Zima, Bristowe was asked why she appears to look happier than ever, and she attributed much of her joyful glow to Tartick, calling him "the best person I've ever met." She told him: "You totally allow me to be myself."

When he jokingly responded, "Sometimes, I tell you to reel it in" she laughed and said, "But I need that!"

Sounds like the perfect balance to me, fam.

On Emotional Safety

True to form, Bristowe and Tartick got honest AF about the relationship issues they're working on in a June 2020 interview for the podcast Whine Down. Bristowe explained that her bond with Tartick feels different — in a good way — from past relationships because she's finally comfortable having disagreements.

“It's so wild how different I am because I feel safe," she told co-hosts Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin. "I've never felt safe in a relationship until this relationship so, I deal with conflict differently and insecurities differently because I don't question him leaving me or, like, get all insecure.”

Yin & Yang
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As they say, opposites attract. In an exclusive interview with Elite Daily, Bristowe revealed that their contrasting qualities are actually what makes them work so well as a couple. For example, she says he's "financially just a genius," she's "more of a creative mind," and that's why they're "such a good team."

"I think we’re also very different in a lot of ways, where I’m maybe a little bit of a hot mess, and a scatterbrain, and [Jason is] organized," she said. "Where I struggle, he can build me up, and vice versa."

Endless Gratitude

Bristowe admitted in a May 2020 Instagram post that while she expresses her appreciation for Tartick in her journal every morning and every night, she wanted to take those feels public. She wrote:

"The guy who will always look at life glass half full. The guy who is an early bird just to make sure a day isn’t wasted. He will bring me coffee in bed while he reads his morning paper. He is engaged in every conversation he has. He genuinely cares what people have to say ... His energy is freakin electric, and he works his *ss off building something that I think will change people’s lives."

Sharing your gratitude *just because* is a stellar sign that you've found your soul mate, IMO.

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