7 Signs Your Relationship Is Like Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner's

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While you might never star on everyone's fave HBO show, go on a sold-out world tour, or get married at a private French estate, there's a lot about Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's relationship that probably looks just like yours. Yes, prior to their June 2019 wedding at an 18th French century château, Turner and her artist/influencer squad got to break out the bralettes, bodycon dresses, and colorful bobs in Bendidorm, Spain for her bachelorette party. And it sounds like the Jonas Brothers had a few warm, rowdy nights in Ibiza for Jonas' bachelor party. But, based on what they've said or posted about each other, Jophie seem like a pretty down-to-earth couple.

Turner and Jonas reportedly got together in 2016: They flirted on Instagram and attended events together in early 2017, but weren't confirmed as a couple until Turner was asked about Jonas and acknowledged her relationship in a July 2017 Marie Claire interview. Since Turner opened up, Jophie has been about more than super chic Paris Fashion Week appearances or whether they're posing together on the Met Gala carpet. Soon after, fans got to see the dog Turner and Jonas adopted. (It's a husky named Porky Basquiat, who has his own Instagram and whose bio currently reads "I only accept follows from b*tches.") A month later, Turner and Jonas got engaged and that's when fans really started to get a peek into what their life together is like. Here are seven ways Turner and Jonas' relationship might be just like yours with bae.

You have fun together

The most endearing aspect of Jophie — and any relationship, in general — is how much fun it looks like this couple is having. From Jonas doing his best Steve Irwin impression on this Cali snow day to the surprise birthday bash Jonas threw for his bae to having a blast together in Switzerland: Jophie reflects how good it feels to have a partner who you can cut loose with.

You gas each other up

I mean, Jonas' drooly emoji says it all. He's also posted pics of him being the physical embodiment of a heart-eyed emoji (twice) while looking at Turner. But it's not just her looks that he's expressed admiration for. Jonas posted a sweet vid of him giving Turner a congrats on the Game of Thrones season finale while passing an ad in NYC. He also absolutely gushed over Turner's hard work when Dark Phoenix premiered. A partner that loves you for your beauty as well as brains and work ethic? Stan-worthy!

You can be goofy around them

Having fun with your partner is not just about turning up or traveling. It's also about the ability to be ridiculous or corny around them — a different kind of vulnerability. Jophie looks just as cute in their Gomez and Morticia Addams costumes as they do their silly matching banana ones.

You can be also be soft, tender, and vulnerable around them.

In an April 2019 appearance on Dr. Phil's podcast, Phil in the Blanks, Turner opened up about Jonas helping her through depression. She recounted how the past five years have been a struggle for her.

When Dr. Phil asked about her relationship with Jonas, Turner said, "I won't be judged by him. He's seen the worst... When someone tells you they love you every day, it really makes you think about why that is. It really makes you love yourself more. I love myself."

It means a lot to see a celebrity couple that can be vulnerable with each other about serious issues, and in turn, be vulnerable with fans about that dynamic.

You still flirt with them from time to time.

The Jonas Brothers' cover shoot for Paper Magazine was dorky and kitschy AF, but that didn't stop Turner from thirsting. On Jonas' solo shot (featuring a starry background and a "jazz flute"), Turner still commented "daddy." Apart from making fans sweat, Turner going out of her way to be flirty on the 'gram is kind of cute. I'm sure Jonas cracked a smile the way anyone does when their bae leaves a spicy comment on their Instagram posts.

Napping with bae is the best.

Napping with a partner — and a soft, adorable pup, too, probably — is good for your mental health. Apart from catching up on sleep, cuddling causes your body to release oxytocin, a hormone that helps you feel happier, reduce stress, and jumpstart positive thinking.

You wouldn't trade them for anyone in the world.

A partner who's "the one" is ideally someone who — apart from romantic and sexual chemistry, a shared sense of humor, and shared values— inspires you to be the best version of yourself you can be. It's someone you are in love and want to be in love with. Turner and Jonas seem to reflect those principles, and the best parts of relationships between regular-degular people like you and me.

From wholesome candids to heat-filled, flirty moments to their professional and emotional support, Jophie is a prime example of what a healthy, loving relationship looks like — and that has nothing to do with their celebrity status.