Why Cuddling Plays A Powerful Role In Relationships, According To Science

Some people absolutely hate both the thought of cuddling and the actual act of it. It just feels like a nightmare. They view it as way too personal, emotional and a little gross. They appreciate their private space more than you can imagine.

If you want to cuddle with these people, you basically have to be related to them. Otherwise, it just isn't happening. Others can't get enough of it. They want to do it all the time. Usually, these people take any chance to cuddle practically anyone. They love that sense of intimacy, and it just makes them happier.

Some say human beings are natural-born huggers. We spend our entire baby years in the arms of either our parents or admirers. Many people feel the safest in the arms of their loved ones.

If you're a hater and don't believe people out there love doing it, understand this: There are places where you can pay to have hour-long cuddle sessions. The world's first cuddling convention in Portland, Oregon made headlines. So, I guess that pretty much says it all.

Personally, I am an in-betweener. I love a good cuddle. But if you're a stranger or one of those weird colleagues and there's just no reason to cuddle, get away from me. I tend to tense up if strangers give me big hugs.

Here are some of my thoughts: Why? Why are you touching me? Get away. What is that smell? Ew. Did your hair just touch my lip? That is not good. Seriously, I barely know you.

But, I am kind of a cuddler when it comes to my boyfriend. I can tell you're disgusted, but hear me out: There's a science behind it. Also, just shut your face; it's nice.

Apparently, cuddling releases a special hormone called oxytocin. This is a powerful hormone. Its level drives up when you kiss or hug a loved one. I can talk about this hormone more in depth, but all you really have to know is it makes you feel really good.

Because oxytocin makes you feel happy, it helps increase the hormones that fight off infections. So in a way, you're improving your immune system by cuddling.

The strength of cuddling also lies in the way it can replace communication. You don't always have to talk. You don't always have to express your emotions verbally. A good cuddle can literally replace 1,000 words.

If you're in a relationship, this means it's a way to shut your partner up without having to tell him or her. Literally embrace it.

The oxytocin hormone makes you feel happier and, in turn, this leads to positive thinking. It lowers stress, anxiety and fear. Who doesn't want that in his or her life? All of this will obviously lead to you in conquering the world. (It's not like you weren't going to, anyway. But, this is like a little helping hand.)

Cuddling also often leads to sexy time. Seriously, you cuddle, you give a small kiss, you give a bigger and better kiss and then bam. You're undressed. You just had an amazing orgasm.

There is a study that found that couples who cuddle stay together longer. It states that after-sex cuddlers have higher levels of appreciation for their sex lives. Then, there's this: If you're looking for round two, there's no better way of getting that than cuddling after round one.

Think about it: It might be worth it for you to become a cuddler.