Jaclyn Hill's Makeup Line Officially Launched & Fans Are Over The Moon

Y'all, the day has finally come. Jaclyn Hill's makeup line officially launched, and I've never been so excited to buy a darn nude lipstick. What can I say, I'm a loyal fan! And I'm not the only one — Hill's millions of followers are beyond thrilled that her long-awaited brand has finally come to life, and the truth is in the tweets.

My only complaint about Hill's launch so far? In her brand reveal video, Hill fails to clarify the brand's official name; in fact, she leaves me even more confused than I already was. In the video title, she calls it Jaclyn Cosmetics, but the packaging itself features a JH for Jaclyn Hill, and the Instagram username is @jaclynhillcosmetics. Then, she goes on to say that fans can "Do whatever pleases you, I don't care." Ma'am, I care! She's lucky these formulas are so bomb, or I'd be mad AF. Fortunately, they are pretty damn good, and even the Internet's most critical community — Twitter, obvi — has given the lipsticks its seal of approval on their launch day. It's not easy to win over the beauty community on Twitter, but their feedback is just proof that Hill is really slaying as a brand owner.

Yes, girl! You better werk in that bath of diamonds and lipsticks!

"So Rich. So Buttery. So Good." is the brand's way of describing the So Rich Lipsticks ($18,, many of which have already sold out. The brand launched with 20 shades of nude on May 30, and it's safe to say Hill's first launch date über-successful.

The blingy packaging was what first drew me in...

And after seeing these swatches, I was ready to order all 20:

Like I said, I'm not the only one that's super hyped about the So Rich Lipsticks. Twitter users are already declaring bankruptcy in order to splurge on some shades:

Many are even dropping all other priorities to focus on placing their orders:

The sweetest tweets of all are those expressing excitement over their orders and pride in Hill for finally launching her brand. Long-time viewers know that this has been her dream for years, and seeing it come to life is so incredible and fulfilling.

It only adds to why people are so excited for these lipsticks:

However, there were a few shoppers left disappointed. Many who had their eyes on the more popular shades ended up unable to snag them, and were left to wait patiently for info on a restock date.

Hopefully, all 20 are available again very, very soon:

International fans were even more peeved, after learning that their shipping costs would be as high as $20 — considering one lipstick is just $18, that's even higher than it sounds. It's more than the price of the product!

These fans were obviously not very happy:

Amidst asking for restocks and shipping price adjustments, though, Angela was out here asking the most important question of all:

If, like myself and Angela, you've already dropped some serious coin on these lipsticks, then I applaud you. If you did miss out on your fave shades, and need to wait for that restock, be sure to follow the brand's social media for updates on when all 20 So Rich Lipsticks will be available again. Til then, I'll be refreshing my Twitter to get the community's updated thoughts when these users receive today's orders and try the lippies IRL.