Twitter Is *Extremely* Hype Over Jaclyn Hill's New Cosmetics Line

by Kelsi Zimmerman
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While the rest of the YouTube beauty world is busy making videos about each other, OG beauty YouTuber Jaclyn Hill has been busy making her own line of cosmetics. So you likely know by now that Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics is launching Thursday, May 30 and in anticipation, the Twitter world can't contain themselves. But I mean, can you blame them? The launch of Jacyln Hill's new line has been highly anticipated and these tweets about Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics show just how excited JH fans are for the new launch.

Since the start of her career years ago, Jaclyn has garnered over 6.2 million followers on Instagram, 5.9 million subscribers on YouTube, and has created four eyeshadow palettes bearing her name in collaboration with Morphe. So yeah, one could say she's done well for herself and has gained quite the following in the process.

Such a following that just minutes after Jaclyn posted a video introducing Jaclyn Cosmetics and the 20 shades of nude lipsticks that she would be launching as her first collection, the twitter world went wild. From lusting over the sneak peaks of the products, to obsessing over Jaclyn's campaign images, to saying just how long they've been waiting for her very own collection, Twitter can not contain themselves.

Ahead, I've rounded up 15 of the funniest, most enthusiastic tweets that JH fans and followers alike have tweeted out to show just how excited they are for this new launch.

By the look of her campaign images, JH's new launch will have your face shining bright like a diamond.

When in doubt, GIF it out.

Save that coin for those new products however you have to.

One fan is so ready that she broke out into a song and dance.

While another nearly broke out in tears.

While yet another is looking for alternate ways to come up with the payment for the new launch.

Some Twitter users believe that the fate of the beauty world is resting on JH's new collection.

Is Jaclyn more powerful than Superwoman?

Unbelievably relatable.

Looks like Jaclyn made a believer out of some skeptics after giving them a view of the new lippies.

It also looks like she's making so many nude dreams come true.

Jaclyn's range of shades of nudes is not going unnoticed or unappreciated...

...neither is her dedication to creating cruelty-free products.

Jaclyn is responsible for triggering even more tears...

...and emptying bank accounts.

What she'll also be responsible for is a world full of the prettiest nude pouts as soon as fans get their hands on the collection next week. So if you're anything like the Twitter world and you've found yourself anxiously waiting for the new launch, you can sign up to receive notifications about the new collection on And in the mean time, try to save up your coin and contain your excitement the best you can, just like these other Jaclyn Hill stans.