Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Has An Official Launch Date, & The Promo Shots Have Me SO Ready For It

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As someone fairly invested in the beauty influencer community over on YouTube, I refuse to let recent drama distract from all the positives going on in the world of my fave glam gurus. While others are too busy throwing shade and spilling tea to blend their eyeshadow, Ms. Jaclyn Hill is out here giving us teasers for her very own makeup brand, yes gawd! If you're wondering when Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics drops, Hill has finally given us a hard date, and OMG, it's all going down so soon. I've never been so ready!

Jaclyn Hill is one of the OG beauty YouTubers, and with 5.9 million subscribers on YouTube and another 6.2 million followers on Instagram, it's safe to say she's done well for herself over the years. She's created some seriously iconic makeup looks, filmed with famous celebs like Kim Kardashian-West, and had some of the most successful influencer-brand collaborations in history. Hill has collaborated with Morphe Cosmetics and a few other brands on palettes and brushes in the past, basically putting the brand on the map in the process, but she has always made clear that starting her own line was the be-all, end-all goal. Finally, her dream is about to become a reality, and I can't wait to support her.

Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics is coming, people! And she's about to bless us with some glam diamond realness:

Remember that time Miley Cyrus swung from a wrecking ball? Yeah, Hill just did that, but with a massive diamond. Consider this exactly the kind of extra AF energy I'm trying to channel for the rest of 2019.

The brand posted this video featuring tons more glitzy diamonds, as well as date for the official drop:

On May 30, 2019, Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics will finally be available for purchase. Make it a national holiday, stat! After seeing the video, many fans felt comments guessing about what the first product launch would be. "ITS A HIGHLIGHTER! Isn’t it?" one hopeful fan asked, another more confidently assuming, "It HAS to be a highlight 😍🥰."

However, Hill told fans back in January that she'd be dropping a lip product first, and the next sneak peak appears to confirmed it:

Is that not the top of a lipstick bullet? Or a gloss cap? Something like that. The blingy rhinestone top and black sparkly sides have me convined that, whatever the product may be, I already want to buy it.

Hill is famous for her love of a good nude lip, so maybe she'll be giving us a go-to summer nude, perhaps one with glitzy shimmer?

I can't say what we'll get, but I know we'll get something good. And for now, that's enough! Another unsolved mystery is the brand's official name: Their Instagram username implies that the line will be called Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics, but the promo video simply calls the brand Jaclyn, so perhaps she's decided to pull a Linda Morphe and go for one lone word to make a statement.

Jaclyn, if you're reading this, we need answers!

All will be revealed when the first product goes live on May 30, but I've got my fingers crossed that Hill will leak more and more details in the days leading up to the actual launch date. Imagine trying to keep a secret this big! I could never.