Jaclyn Hill Hinted At The First Product For Her Cosmetics Line & I Could Not Be More Excited

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you're a Youtube beauty community stan like myself, you've probably been wondering about Jaclyn Hill's makeup line for more than a little while now. It's been teased and touted as "coming soon" for over a year, and all the changes and delays in schedule have made me even more eager to try the brand out, which will finally be possible very, very soon. It's almost time for the line to debut, and if you're wondering what the first Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics product will be, prepare to pucker up, because it's gonna be good.

To be clear, Hill hasn't explicitely confirmed any launch dates or product names, but a recent Instagram Story Q+A moment revealed her plans for the brand's first release. Since then, the time frame in which the question was answered has expired, so it's no longer visible on her story, but beauty news account @TrendMood1 uploaded the screenshot to her feed, so we could all delight in the cold, hard proof of a new product coming soon. "What will be your first product with Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics?" a fan wrote to Jaclyn on the 'Gram, and she responded with just two emojis: the red lipstick and a kiss print.

Here's the exchange itself:

Here's my immediate reaction upon seeing this:

Lipsticks are a great initial product to launch for so many reasons. First, unlike complexion products, there's no risk of an uninclusive shade range, which is wonderful, and means no Hill fans will be disappointed. Second, I can almost always justify a new lipstick in my collection, which means I'll be able to grab at least one, but more likely multiple. Third, Hill has already blessed us with quite a few eyeshadows via her multiple collaborations with Morphe Cosmetics, so a palette would've been felt like more of the same, and not been nearly as exciting. The iconic Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette ($38, seriously could not be improved upon, as it's got all a beauty-lover could need and more, from blendable neutrals to fun pops of color. She's also got the Morphe X Jaclyn Hill The Vault ($49,, a currently sold-out set of four palettes comprised of shadows that didn't make the cut for the final Jaclyn Hill palette.

In addition to palettes, Hill has also collaborated with Morphe on a variety of brush sets, the largest of which is the Morphe X Jaclyn Hill The Master Collection ($165,, which includes 24 essential brushes for any makeup-lover's tool kit.

Another reason I'm not surprised Hill is launching lipsticks first? In all her videos, posts, and in real life, too, she's almost always rocking a great lip, so I trust her opinion when it comes to fun shades and good formulas.

I feel confident we'll be getting at least one red lip in the mix:

And I've got my fingers crossed for something a little vampy, too:

At the end of the day, though, a good nude lip is classic Jaclyn, so I bet there will be more than one to choose from:

There's still no word on a launch date, but the news of lippies has me more eager than ever, so fingers crossed Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics makes its debut some time in early 2019. A lipstick lover can dream!