Jaclyn Hill's Canceled Halloween Costume Is A Message To Her Haters

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Is there anything more satisfying than an outfit that doubles as a clapback? After seeing Jaclyn Hill's Canceled Halloween costume, I think not. Hill had a difficult year after her makeup brand, Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics, had the rocky first launch that resulted in the beauty community's decision to ~cancel~ her and her line, but Hill is ready to make her comeback, and she's made it clear that she's not afraid to make a few enemies in the process. Hill isn't trying to win her haters over — instead, she's decided to show them that their harsh words don't affect her, and I admire her tenacity.

If you aren't as invested in beauty community drama as me, allow me to fill you in on the overall tea. Basically, fans of Jaclyn Hill, who boasts 6.1 million followers on Instagram and 5.8 million subscribers on YouTube, were ready and willing to support Hill's cosmetics company when she announced it in May of 2019, especially after her numerous successful collaborations with beauty retailer Morphe. Her viewers felt confident that she really knew her stuff, and well aware that she'd been working hard on her brand for years, pretty much everyone eagerly awaited the arrival of her debut product, 20 shades of So Rich Lipstick. However, reports of hairs, white fibers, and other issues with the lipstick bullets spread like wildfire, and after a few rounds of explanations, Hill gave every customer a full refund and stopped selling the products altogether.

It was a pretty devastating first launch, and while some fans pitied Hill and the huge mess, others decided they were done with her for good:

Cancel Culture is an overly harsh, but very real thing, and after being cancelled, Hill even deleted her social media for a while as a way to escape all the backlash. Since then, she's made a return to Instagram and has even begun posting on YouTube again, but her boldest move since the return is definitely her Halloween costume.

She went as herself, but canceled. Iconic, no?

"Over the last several years the internet has become more & more cruel & has developed what we now call 'cancel culture'," Hill captioned the photo, in which she models extravagant jewelry, faux blood and gashes, and an LBD with "Jaclyn Hill Is Canceled" written across it. "Not one day has gone by in over 2 years where I have not seen 'you’re canceled' online," she continued, "I wanted to create a look showing the glam side of this industry & the ugly💀So here is it. You want me canceled? You got it baby." She ended with a shout-out to the followers she knew would be most offended by her look: "And I know my 'haters' are going to HATE this costume. But that’s okay, I love you anyway💋" she wrote.

Prior to this, Hill has stuck to thanking her supporters, not addressing her haters, so the costume and caption are both pretty bold:

Sure, some people will be peeved, but others were clearly glad to see Hill not taking the hate too seriously. "Omg this is everything 🙌🏼👏🏼 looking gorgeous!" wrote Demi Lovato, and if she gives the costume the OK, then I do, too. "Literally: Everything 🙌🏼 🔥," agreed YouTuber and trans activist Gigi Gorgeous. Personally, I got a good laugh out of the costume, and while Hill made some serious mistakes, I agree that we should be canceling Cancel Culture, not people. And that's the tea.