Jaclyn Cosmetics Is Giving Full Refunds To Every Customer Who Shopped The First Launch

by Kelsi Zimmerman
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ever since Jaclyn Hill launched her eponymous beauty brand on May 30, the debut collection has been the subject of much backlash for a variety of reasons. Well now it looks like Jaclyn Cosmetics is issuing full refunds to every single customer that purchased an item from the site.

First things first, if you're not yet familiar with the Jaclyn Cosmetics saga let me break it down for you. After years of anticipation, the beauty YouTuber and influencer released a collection of 20 nude lipsticks, each one a different shade of nude. After the initial launch, reports began rolling in claiming that customers received lipsticks that were covered in hair, had air bubbles, were melted, and that the lippies left a gritty texture after applied — all reports alluding to the thought that the lipsticks were expired.

Hill then addressed the complaints in a 14 minute YouTube video where she brought up each issue and provided proof that the lipsticks, while were not up to her standards, were not expired, hazardous, or contaminated. She shared that all of these defects in the lipsticks were a result of the way things were done in the lab where the lipsticks were made, and that she would be working with a new lab moving forward.

In the same video, she said that all customers affected should contact the brand and would receive full refunds for the products as well as replacements lipsticks. Then, after she released the video, because the internet can be pretty hard to satisfy, Hill continued to receive backlash, but this time because of the tone of her video.

Phew, I think that about covers it.

So now, Jaclyn Cosmetics has taken things a step further and on Saturday, June 22 announced via Twitter and Instagram that they would be processing automatic refunds to each customer that shopped the initial launch of the So Rich Lipstick Collection — regardless of whether they claimed to have an issue with their product or not.

"Jaclyn Cosmetics takes consumer feedback very seriously. We've received the quality issues related to our So Rick Lipsticks and believe our production did not meet our brand standards," the Instagram post read. "We'll be issuing a full refund (including shipping charges) to everyone who purchased the product. Please be on the lookout for an email regarding your refund. For details, go to"

Upon visiting the Customer Service page on, you are met with a list of questions and answers surrounding the defective products and what to expect moving forward. For instance, the brand claims that the lipsticks are not being recalled because they are still in full compliance with the FDA and are safe to use. They page also states that replacements are not an option at this time and that the brand is currently working with a new manufacturer to create products that are up to the Jaclyn Cosmetics standards.

While this may be a rough start to Jaclyn Hill's much anticipated beauty brand, I'd say that by offering full refunds to all customers, the brand is taking a major step in the right direction of ensuring customers' trust moving forward. And although it seems that the production of new products is at a halt right now, Hill has made it clear that the brand is not going anywhere. You can be sure to stay up to date on future product releases by following the brand on Instagram (@JaclynCosmetics).