Jaclyn Hill Just Revealed SO Many Details About Her Cosmetic Line’s First Drop

by Kelsi Zimmerman
David Becker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After five long years of patiently waiting for the OG beauty YouTuber to release her very own line, Jaclyn Hill fans can now rest easy, as the details on Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics' first drop have been released. On Thursday, May 23, the makeup artist took to her YouTube channel (as one does) to announce all of the details that JH fans have been dying to know about her new and long-awaited collection.

So what can you expect? Lots and lots of nudes, basically. In her 35-minute video, the beauty influencer dove right in and shared all of the details surrounding the new launch, from the packaging details to the pricing, to the shades, to swatches, and even the ingredients. In case you don't have 35 minutes to spare on (yet another) YouTube video this week, allow me to break down every little detail for you.

Ahead, you'll find out everything you need to know before the brand new namesake collection drops on Thursday, May 30.

OK, so what's in the first drop?

YouTube/Jaclyn Hill

Like I said, it's lots and lots of nudes — nude lipsticks, that is, and 20 of them, to be exact. Hill showed off a glimpse of the PR box that houses all 20 nude lipsticks, from peachy nudes to beige nudes and everywhere in between.

According to the video, the first launch contains exclusively lipsticks, because Hill wanted to start with a basic component like lipstick and then build her brand out from there. This means you can definitely expect to see more than just lipsticks from Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics in the future. "When I think of makeup, I think of lipstick. That's the key, most important thing," Jaclyn said in the YouTube video. "I wanted to start off with the basics and go from there. I challenged myself into creating the best lipstick I had ever used."

How much does it cost, and where can you buy it?

Courtesy of YouTube/Jaclyn Hill

Hill shared that each lipstick will retail individually for $18, or you can purchase a trio for $49. There are four curated trio packs that Hill put together for retail, named "Magninude," "Nude Moment," "Nude Tease," and "Nude Mood." Of course, if you're really into your nudes, you can purchase the entire collection of 20 nudes for $295.

As of May 30, the collection will exclusively be available on And while there is no word yet on any retail partnerships for mass retailers, I'm sure you'll be able to find Hill's products on the shelves of brick and mortar stores in the near future.

What's the packaging like?

Courtesy of Youtube/Jaclyn Hill

The packaging is, put bluntly, really sparkly and full of diamonds — no, really. The PR packaging that Hill shared in the video was equipped with an LED light, a note from Hill herself, loose diamonds, and a glitter backdrop. Unfortunately, the PR boxes are likely not available to the general public, but as far as the lipstick packaging goes, the bullets are silver and hexagon-shaped with "diamonds" on the caps.

Most importantly, what's the product like?

Courtesy of YouTube/Jaclyn Hill

Hill shared nine different shades on four different skin tones in the video and let her followers know that each product is cruelty-free and made in America.

Courtesy of YouTube/Jaclyn Hill

She also made sure to note that the formulas are packed with collagen, avocado oil, are creamy without being too glossy, and last long without having an uncomfortable matte finish. "It's so moisturizing, even when you take it off," Hill shared. "It's extremely comfortable and feels really cushiony."

Courtesy of YouTube/Jaclyn Hill

Hill was also not afraid to address the proverbial elephant in the room, noting that she knows all about the jokes about how long it's taken her to launch Jaclyn Cosmetics. But she noted that it's taken so long for a good reason: She wanted to have the highest quality products and that she's also a bit of a perfectionist.

"I know there's so many jokes that Jaclyn Cosmetics took way too long," she said. "I had my first meeting with my first lab in April 2014." Well, five years and countless tests, lab samples, many decisions, and thousands and thousands of units later, it's finally here — well, almost. It will be next week. So if you're a lover of 20 shades of nude, then be sure to get your hands on the collection as soon as it drops on May 30, at