Uh, It Looks Like Jaclyn Hill Just Deleted Her Whole Instagram & Wiped Her Twitter

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ugh, you guys, the Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics tea keeps spilling, and honestly, my mouth is burnt. I've had enough! But a recent plot development has reeled me back in, and now, I'm one of many in the beauty community asking the same question: Why did Jaclyn Hill delete her social media? It's pretty rare for someone with as many as 6.2 million followers on Instagram to suddenly vanish from the app, and if Hill was trying to lay low for a while, her online hiatus has had the opposite effect. The community was quick to notice her disappearance, and as always, the opinions on the situation are mixed. (Elite Daily reached out to Hill for comment on her deleted social media, but didn't hear back at time of publication.)

ICYMI, let me offer you the quickest of recaps on all the recent Jaclyn Hill drama. Hill, a YouTube beauty guru with a whopping 5.9 million subscribers to her channel and a number of successful makeup collaborations under her belt, announced about a month ago that her namesake cosmetics company would be debuting with a range of 20 lipsticks. Loyal fans were over the moon, myself included, but when the products arrived, some were less than thrilled. Reports of customers finding hair fibers, plastic particles, and an overall gritty texture in their lipsticks had beauty-lovers concerned and furious.

The products that shoppers received didn't appear to be the "rich, buttery, good" lipsticks they had been promised via the promotional campaign:

Loyal stans knew Hill had been working on her namesake brand for years, and while they wanted to support a project she had openly put her heart and soul into, the issues (both health-wise and aesthetic-wise) of the unsatisfactory products couldn't be ignored. Disappointment was felt on both ends, and finally, Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics vowed to refund every customer who had shopped the initial launch.

But just as Hill had announced the project via a YouTube video, many wanted a video apology from the guru herself, not just a standard refund:

Of course, she kinda-sorta apologized when she spoke on the issues in a video uploaded to her channel on June 12, but her explanations only frustrated fans further:

Fast-forward to now, and fans have noticed that Hill has deleted her personal Instagram and wiped her personal Twitter, though the Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics accounts still remain:

To be clear, it's unlikely she full-on deleted her Instagram, which had 6.2 million followers. I'm willing to bet that she most likely deactivated it to escape hate comments and the like for the time being, though her reason for deactivating remains to be known. Why she deleted all her tweets, no one can say for sure.

Some called Hill out for hiding from the issues at hand:

But many felt for the influencer, and worried the hate was affecting her:

Cyberbullying is real, people, and when you're someone like Hill, who has built her career on digital platforms, it can be especially intense. Granted, it seems some major mistakes were made when it came to her brand's debut launch, but I don't really blame Jaclyn for opting out of social media for a moment, if only to clear her head. After all, the brand accounts are still up, so customers with issues are most definitely not being ignored.

Many fans asked others to be more kind, as they were genuinely concerned for Hill's well-being:

Others felt that she should be doing more to right her wrongs:

Hill herself has yet to comment on her disappearance from social media, but any customers with issues regarding their order can contact her brand via email, regardless of her deactivated personal Instagram. Here's hoping Hill makes her return feeling healthy, reinvigorated, and ready to make things right for her customers.