Hailey Baldwin Just Posted With Neon Yellow Hair & IDK If It's Real, But I'm So Here For It

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Another day, another gorgeous celebrity on social media with a post that leaves me asking a question I never once asked before Instagram Stories existed: Wig or dye job? The answer is usually wig when a color or cut is particularly extreme, but I never want to assume and be wrong, so when I saw Hailey Baldwin's neon yellow hair for the first time yesterday, I immediately wanted to know more. Is highlighter hair back in style? Will Justin Bieber be joining her for a cute neon couple's look? So many questions, and TBH, not enough answers.

While lots of celebrities change up their hair just for fun, Baldwin is a model, so she tends to keep her off-duty look relatively simple, only really trying out bold makeup and wild hair during photoshoots or at events. She did jump on the millennial pink train a few times in 2018 including at last year's Met Gala, but despite the fact that she really suits the shade, it never lasts long. Other than that, she's been blonde as long as I can remember, which is why a new neon hair color has me suspecting the work of a good wig.

Baldwin's beachy blonde strands are totally her "thing":

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She and hubby Justin Bieber are blondies in love:

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However, a BTS post on her Instagram Stories shows a much more colorful look:

Hailey Bieber/Instagram

After Baldwin posted the photo on her Instagram Story, hairstylist Florido of Nine Zero One Salon in Los Angeles shared it on his Instagram feed as well. Neither post mentions the vibrant hue, but Baldwin tagged Adidas and UK sports fashion retailer JD Sports, making it clear that the look was for an ad campaign. Florido also shared another video on his Instagram Story while creating the neon bob, and captioned it, “F*cked some shit up today." Love that energy.

"LIVING FOR THE NEON YELLOW," read one comment underneath Florido's post, but no one bothered to ask if it was real or not:

Again, Baldwin has gone pink IRL before, so it's possible this is her second time trying out a fantasy shade just for fun:

But more likely than not, it's just a cute wig used for a photoshoot. See an editorial blue moment below:

The real newsworthy angle here: How is it possible that this woman looks so gorgeous with virtually any hair color? I thought this was some strange talent possessed only by Cardi B, Halsey, and the Kardashians, but I stand corrected!

If you scroll way, way back on her Instagram, she's even gone dark for a photoshoot, and no surprise, it looked incredible:

Real or wig, the shoot is also making me wonder if highlighter hair is the next big trend. It seems like it would be hard to pull off, and yet it looks so good on Baldwin. The only other celeb I've seen really rock it is Nicki Minaj, who rocks a straighter version of Baldwin's beach-waved bob in her music video for "Barbie Tingz" last year.

In the song, Minaj does sing the line, "All you b*tches want to look like me," so she must've known sooner or later the highlight hair look would be trending!

Nicki Minaj/Youtube

Jokes aside, Baldwin (And Minaj!) can pull off virtually any hair color, and while nothing has been confirmed, I feel like this time around it's a wig. That's not to say I wouldn't love to have her rock this shade all summer, though — my only request would be that Justin go neon too, because I love it when they match!