V's Cryptic Message To ARMYs Will Convince You His Mixtape Is Coming So Soon

The Chosunilbo JNS/ImaZinS/Getty Images

Lately, V has been teasing his mixtape more than ever in interviews. Since he keeps mentioning it, fans are convinced it's finished and ready to be released. He did say he wanted to share it by the end of 2020 at one point, and there are only a few days left before December ends, so the clock is ticking. Right now, ARMYs have a theory BTS' V will drop his mixtape on his birthday because of something very mysterious he said at KBS Gayo.

If you watch any of BTS' interviews from the past couple of months, it's likely you'll hear V updating fans on his mixtape. He's been working on it all year, and because he's just as excited as ARMYs to see it out in the world, he's already shared a few sneak peeks. He dropped one of the snippets in a May episode of BTS' docuseries Break The Silence. Another came in a July 1 tweet, which has since been deleted (but not before ARMYs saved it and posted it again).

V shared even more teasers in August, and by then, fans realized his solo music was going to have a jazzy style. ARMYs thought it was perfect because it's one of his favorite genres.

Check out some of the teasers V's shared with fans below.

In an Aug. 23 interview uploaded to BTS' YouTube channel, V said he planned to drop his mixtape by the end of 2020. It's December, and fans haven't gotten it yet, but it's not too late. Since BTS has developed a habit of sharing solo music on their birthdays, it's possible V will finally debut his long-awaited mixtape when he turns 25 on Dec. 30. For example, Jungkook surprised fans with "Decalcomania" on his 22nd birthday in 2019, and Jin dropped "Abyss" hours before his 28th birthday on Dec. 4.

Plus, he kind of hinted something was coming soon. At the KBS Song Festival on Dec. 18, V was asked to comment on his upcoming birthday, and he said this: "Jin hyung's birthday is also in December, but I'll speak for the both of us. ARMY, December 30 is not that big of a deal. ARMY, I really miss you."

Fans aren't convinced his birthday won't be "that big of a deal." They're remembering when Suga tried to trick ARMYs in May by saying his mixtape was delayed, and then it dropped a few days later.

Basically, fans should be prepared for anything, and that's why Dec. 30 can't come soon enough!