How To Make The Super Blue Blood Moon The Most Romantic Date Night Ever

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So if you haven't already heard, some seriously celestial happenings are going down on Jan. 31, 2018. That's right. If you thought a super moon, blood moon, or blue moon were wild by themselves, then you are certainly gonna need to brace yourself for the super blue blood moon (SBBM). I know some of you might be scratching your heads, thinking, "WTF is a super blue blood moon, anyway?" Well, it's basically just a super intense combo of all three of those lunar events I mentioned at once. And with all of the excitement happening, why not turn the super blue blood moon into date night?

Now, I know planning a date night for what's supposed to be a big lunar shift might sound a little weird. Blood moons are apparently said to bring sudden and unexpected changes and possibly even an end to situations that aren't helping you be your best self. However, capitalizing on this big event may be just the thing to bring clarity and a fresh start to your relationship — just in time to ensure 2018 gets moving in the right direction. And let's be honest: Sometimes, we need a gentle push from the universe to make some changes in our lives, whether that be ending something or working to instill some love back into other areas of our life.

Considering the upcoming super blue blood moon will be in Leo, you can expect your sensitive, erotic, and playful energies to take the front seat. This trifecta just so happens to contain all of the elements necessary to have a meaningful, sensual, and fun evening with your bae. You and your bae may also be feeling open to making deeper connections than usual, which might be just the push a casual relationship needs to venture into more committed territory. In order to encourage this, don't shy away from being vulnerable during your romantic date night. Here's everything else you need to remember to make the SBBM a romantic date night.

Get Deep

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Consider starting off the evening by taking a sunset walk together and taking in all the sights. This would also be the perfect time to talk about any feelings or emotions this cosmic happening has stirred inside you. This is your chance to share some of the more hidden parts of yourself, so be brave and be open with yourself and your partner.

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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Once the sun goes down, consider trying a new restaurant experience that deviates from the usual. This could mean trying a cuisine neither of you have had or simply splurging and going to that bougie spot everyone's been gushing about. Remember, don't be afraid of a little adventure tonight. Try one of the weirdest things you find on the menu, or a new-age dining experience that seems out-of-the-box.

Soak Up The Moonlight

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It goes without saying that setting aside some romantic time to cuddle up on a rooftop and take in what's sure to be an amazingly beautiful sight is a must. Lie down together on a blanket, open up that special bottle of vino you've been saving for a special occasion, cozy up, and wait for the show.

Once you two have had enough time to bask in the supercharged light of the moon, you're definitely going to want to finish off the night with some sexy time. But instead of defaulting to your usual love-making routine, why not lean in to the transformative energy and try something new between the sheets.

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