3 Sex Moves To Try During The Super Blue Blood Moon That'll Have You Seeing Stars

We're all about to witness something incredible this month: the extremely rare super blue blood moon (SBBM) on Jan. 31. How rare? Well, the last time it happened was in 1866, so yeah, it's a big deal and one you aren't going to want to miss. Not only will it be spectacular to witness, but astrologically, it’s going to have a powerful impact on your sex drive. So, it's time to start considering sex positions to try to celebrate this celestial orgy, with a mini orgy of your own.

But what exactly is a super blue blood moon anyway? Short answer: It’s a confluence of a super moon, a blue moon, and a blood moon, which are all relatively rare in their own right, making the combination of the three truly spectacular.

To break that down a little further, a super moon occurs when the moon is closer to the Earth in its orbit, making it appear a bit bigger in the sky (14 percent more) and brighter than a normal moon, according to NASA. A blue moon, despite its name doesn't actually mean the moon turns blue. Rather, it's when there is a second full moon in a month. Lastly, a blood moon sounds spooky, but actually, it's when the moon turns a reddish-orange because it falls in the shadow of the Earth. Now, put them all together, and you've got yourself a super blue blood moon. Pretty cool, right?

But what do all these heavenly bodies have to do with yours? You can expect the SBBM to fire up your feelings of lust and desire. You will be craving passion and connection, so why not really lean into those feelings and experiment with these saucy sex moves that will have you and your partner seeing some stars of your very own.

1. Stargaze In The Lotus Position

If you have a skylight or somewhere safe from prying eyes, take your lovemaking where you can look up and get a stellar view of the super blue blood moon while getting your grind on in the lotus position. To get into lotus, have the penetrating parter sit with their legs stretched out in front. The receiving partner can then straddle their partner and allow for entry. Then, both partners wrap their arms and legs around one another. From there, you gently rock together, grinding your way into a dreamlike orgasm under the sky.

2. Doggy Style With An Out-Of-This-World View

OK, so this position probably won't be new to you — it's pretty much a fan favorite. But what makes it perfect for this night of all nights (aside from being awesome in general) is that it means both you and your partner can take in the heavenly sights while enjoying some earthly delights. To achieve this position, find a place near a window, skylight, or somewhere private out doors if you're into that, where you have a clear view of the moon. The receiving parter gets on all fours with their legs spread slightly to allow the penetrating parter to enter from behind.

3. Just Show Them Your Super Moon In The X-Rated Position

Not everyone has the privacy or the warm weather that will allow for outdoor sex, so here's a position that you can do indoors, while putting on a show of your own. You don’t actually have to see the super blue blood moon to reap its lusty benefits. If that's your speed, it's time to give the X-Rated position a whirl. To get into this position, the penetrating partner lies on their back, and the receiving partner straddles them, facing toward their partner's feet. Then, the partner on top carefully stretches their legs back toward their partner's head, while leaning forward between their partner’s legs. This creates the X shape, and the full-on view of your moon earns it an X-rating.

While you'll have to wait over a century for the next super blue blood moon, you can celebrate like it’s happening again any time the spirit — and the stars — move you.

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